Blog Instructions

Every registered user has a blog that you can update at any time you like. And with a massive worldwide audience of lawyers, it's the best possible way to get your views aired.

You can create, edit and delete articles in your blog at any time. Articles are easy to create and can use text, graphics or even HTML if you like. You can type your article straight into a text editor, or you can copy and paste text from a document you have already created on your computer.

To create a new entry for your blog, simply press the "New Article" button on the main Blogs page. You will be asked to log in (or register) if you haven't done so already, and will then be taken to a text editor where you can type (or copy and paste) text.

To insert a picture: 

1. Press the little "picture" button in the top bar of the editor ()
2. Press the "Upload" button if you want to upload a new graphic from your computer (or just select the correct file and press "Insert" if you want to use a graphic you have previously uploaded).
3. Press the "Browse..." button to find the graphic on your computer.
4. When you have selected the right graphic file, press the "Upload" button to upload it to your store of graphics.
5. Select the uploaded file from the list and press the "Insert" button, and it will appear in your blog article.

To insert HTML, just press the HTML icon () at the bottom of the text editor window and enter the HMTL directly. You can press the little pencil icon to go back to text editor mode at any time. You can add links using the little globe picture at the top right (although don't link to anything too naughty, OK?).

To edit one of your own blog articles, just login, select the article from the main blog page (or from your profile page) and press the "Edit" button. From the "My Profile" page you can change the name of your blog to anything you want.

That's it! Remember that you are personally responsible for the content of your blog in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please keep it nice.

Happy blogging.