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Lawyers repping Trump won Russian Firm of the Year award

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12 January 2017 09:46

Donald Trump has spent his first press conference as President-elect battling allegations that he is in bed with the Russians, and that they are peeing on him in it.

Oddly, his warm-up act was a lawyer. Sherri Dillon took to the podium to address the impression that Trump is replacing the US executive branch with a nepotistic swamp.

Her firm, Morgan Lewis, has been instructed by the tangerine nightmare to convince people that he doesn't need to set up a blind trust for his manifold business interests, and that it's fine if his sons run them in his place.

It was unconvincing. Her bio page at Morgan Lewis subsequently crashed as people flocked to find out more about her. But never mind that. In 2016, her firm won an extremely timely award:



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