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Europe News

Exclusive: Poo horror forces Keoghs Solicitors to ban office bins
12 July 2013
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Keoghs Solicitors has banned bins from its Bolton office, after someone started shitting in them.

Cleaners discovered the problem (more specifically: a large, brown problem) in one of the bathroom bins. Later the same week they found a second poo in another bin.

And on Monday staff received an email from Business Support Director Steve Lees:

RollOnFriday can't report on whether the bin banning has resolved the problem, or simply moved it to the sinks, as Keoghs did not respond to requests for comment.

    "Keoghs Solicitors can't come to the phone right now"

The episode is the latest in what seems to be an epidemic of dirty protests at law firms. Last week someone curled one out by a filing cabinet at Irwin Mitchell. In Belfast, Allen & Overy was hit by an acrobat who crapped in a soap dispenser. And at Herbert Smith a madman just went straight on the floor. What on earth is going on?


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A firm's office in the north west has run out of toilet paper and staff have been told there is no money left to buy further supplies. Ditto for tea, coffee and letterhead paper. Know more? Get in touch here >

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