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colleague's family were just in a car smash
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Posted - 11 January 2017 13:32
with a lorry and his granny has unrelatedly died

I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be 2016 on steroids

or maybe it's just coincidence
Shami's Chakra botti
Posted - 11 January 2017 13:34
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unrelated granny?

adoption I assume
Posted - 11 January 2017 13:35
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unrelated incident

I think the only way to live is free of encumbrance

nothing kicks you in the gut like family shyt
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:19
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What was wrong with 2016?
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:20
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well a lot of folk died and it was generally considered to be cursed
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:52
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"a lot of folk died"

Globally or in Britain? I haven't looked at the mortality figures, but I'd be surprised if they were massively different from previous years. What stats are you using?
Jethro the Fat White Duke
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:53
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Did the granny die at exactly the same moment as the car crash?