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Main Discussion

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Posted - 11 January 2017 15:30
Judges upholding the liberal status quo non-shocka.
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:32
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I wonder if the whip would be withdrawn on such a vote in parliament.

A Lib, Lab, SNP, non mental Tory coalition could kick this nonsense into the long grass.
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:33
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when's the judgment due?
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:45
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Who cares anyway? Parliament's just going to jump through whatever legalistic hoops it's required to. It just earns a bit more money for lawyers, that's all.
old git roundabout
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:47
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interesting to see which side Sumption will be on
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:50
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About as interesting as watching the grass grow.
good Queen wEnceslas
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:54
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I don't understand if the 7 v 4 figures are plucked out of the air, or some poor sod has had to analyse which way they think each judge will go, or it's strategic leaking to influence the judges or what.

Surely 2016 has taught us that no-one knows anything anymore
Posted - 11 January 2017 15:56
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All this exercise proves is that people nowadays are obsessively process-driven. As both political parties have confirmed, the end result will be the same.
Posted - 11 January 2017 16:14
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That sort of analysis was all over social media at the time time of the hearing. Some poor sod has analysed past decisions, speeches and the like and made their best guess.