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Main Discussion

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Posted - 20 April 2017 12:29
Good riddance.
ReggiePerrin is voting Lib Dem
Posted - 20 April 2017 12:45
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One of the better men on the Leave side, which when you think about it is a pretty dismal commentary on the others.
Posted - 20 April 2017 12:47
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Carswell was hypocritical, spiteful, self-serving, and with a complete absence of charisma. He's like a throwback to everything that was bad about the Tory Party in the 1990s.
Posted - 20 April 2017 12:48
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shame to lose yet another of the great political minds of the 21st century imo
Weally Been
Posted - 20 April 2017 13:02
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Carswell did everything right

Until he did this which is a mistake in terms of credibility, but having said that, looking at what is best for carswell I can understand why he's doing it because if he stood he would lose, it's as simple as that.

When you're on your own as he is, and facing a battle where you know you'll lose, what's the point of fighting it - no boxer would take that on unless there was a lot of money in it and there's not much money in it for carswell is there
ReggiePerrin is voting Lib Dem
Posted - 20 April 2017 13:04
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ducks wrong about everything as usual.

Carswell is a quixotic figure. He genuinely believes that stuff that he says, and he's fcked his career by following his beliefs.
Weally Been
Posted - 20 April 2017 13:17
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Yeah you could say that

Or you could say his career goal was Brexit and that was all he cared about so in the last parliament when DC was PM he decided what he needed to do to get Brexit and on that alone he has been proved right.

So yeah he decided it was the right thing to do to scuttle his career for temporary significant game changing progress on Brexit...
Posted - 20 April 2017 14:00
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10 Days To Christmas
Posted - 20 April 2017 14:42
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Festive Edam
Posted - 20 April 2017 14:46
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he was one of the more moderate UKIPpers who gave a voice of reason. His departure will only leave more space for the hardline brexiteers.