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Posted - 17 March 2017 14:25
It's a larf innit. Do you get to pick who does it?
Father CYPmas
Posted - 17 March 2017 14:25
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Heh. 360 - equity partner says something bad about you and you say something bad to them, and they complete the 360 circle by managing you out for attempting to dent their fragile ego.
Posted - 17 March 2017 14:32
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I did get to pick.

Nothing I hadn't heard before but useful to hear it in a slightly different way,

Naturally my team adore me but, sadly for my promotion prospects, I make my boss and other senior people 'uncomfortable'. Maybe they should try being right all the time - then (a) they would understand what it's like to be me; and (b) I would agree with them and support their decisions rather than making them look silly in public.
Posted - 17 March 2017 14:47
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Damnit Donald you're right and now the term is going to irk me every time I hear it.
Posted - 17 March 2017 14:56
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The 360 element refers to getting feedback from a selection of people above, below and on a par with you rather than just your boss.

and you do realise words are allowed more than one meaning, right? interestingly the word right is a good example - which can mean both a direction and a statement of correctness. Interestingly, I think I have given interestingly a new meaning there too.