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Miss Marple italian style
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Posted - 20 March 2017 19:00 at-cut-in-car-boot-in-italy

"Police initially thought the 77-year-old may have cut his own throat before climbing into the boot, but they now suspect he could have been murdered."
Shami's Chakra botti
Posted - 20 March 2017 19:14
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I misread this thread title.
I read "Miss Marple Italian hair style". I don't know why my brain inserted that word but it made thoughts go a bit mad before the link sorted out my understanding
Say. Joe. Priest. A.
Posted - 20 March 2017 19:23
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Sounds like a Blackadder III Rotten Boroughs scene

Anthony Collinssplat accidentally brutally slashed open his own throat while retrieving a bottle of water from the boot of his car.
Posted - 20 March 2017 19:24
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never mind the missing limbs