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Lawyer in court over 28 charges of improper conduct
24 March 2017
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A criminal lawyer has appeared in a Singapore court charged with numerous cases of improper conduct.

The Law Society of Singapore brought 28 charges against Udeh Kumar Sethuraju. In one matter, Kumar forgot to tell his client about a hearing. When the client failed to appear in court, Kumar advised him to get a doctor's medical certificate as a false excuse to "save his ass". The client forfeited bail of S$10,000 due to his absence. Kumar offered to repay the client, although only ever gave him half the sum. 

  Actually it's not a false excuse - your blood pressure has risen since instructing Kumar

Other charges that the Law Society brought against Kumar ranged from the lawyer misleading the court, being absent from hearings and wasting the court's time.

In Kumar's defence, his lawyer said that he was very hardworking but made mistakes due to mismanagement of his cases. However, even his lawyer conceded that "the totality of the picture is someone very slipshod".

One of the presiding judges lambasted Kumar saying that the problem went beyond poor management, and that the lawyer seemed to have a "disregard for the court", adding that it was "not a case of an occasional lapse". The court struck Kumar off the roll for his "gross failure" to fulfill his duties as a lawyer.


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