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Tribunal suspends lawyer for mouthing off against judges
13 April 2017
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A New Zealand tribunal has suspended and fined a lawyer for using "provocative" language to two High Court judges and also ranting at a Complaints Committee.

Francisc Catalin Deliu appeared before the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal on six charges of professional misconduct. The allegations against Deliu were that he had used "provocative and intemperate language" to make "excessive, disgraceful and baseless attacks" on two High Court judges.

At the tribunal hearing Deliu also faced charges of conduct unbecoming a practitioner, as he was accused of making an uninvited appearance at a Complaints Committee meeting. When people at the meeting asked Deliu to leave, he allegedly refused, and proceeded to shout and make demands of the Committee, causing the meeting to be adjourned.

  On the positive side, it was clear enough for Mike to take down accurate minutes of the meeting
The tribunal said that it considered striking Deliu off the roll, but was unable to come to a unanimous decision on this, adding that "we consider he deserves a second chance".

However, the tribunal suspended lawyer Deliu for 15 months, and slapped him with a huge fine of NZ$153,500 to be paid to the New Zealand Law Society, and NZ$108,500 towards the costs of the hearing.  Deliu is appealing the decision.


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