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Bonkers Law Firm Website of the Week: Attack of the Killer Olives
24 August 2012
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Kudos to the designers responsible for the website of Florida-based law firm Bryant Miller Olive (note: that's Bryant Miller Olive) with its subtle subliminal messaging.

With a snappy tagline ("Our name is easy to remember. Our work is hard to forget") and beautifully-illustrated attorney profiles, the firm has much to offer the casual web browser. But the site's landing page is the highlight, featuring photographs of situations in which the firm's expertise may be required and, of course, an enormous olive.

    The deal's completed. Let's celebrate with a massive olive.
Hard a starboard! Olive dead ahead.
    Construction worker flattened by enormous olive
Careful sir! Mind that olive.
    An olive relaxing on the steps of a court, yesterday.

Excellent work by all involved; more firms should try this word association thing out. But not Allen & Overy or Moon Beever.

If you've spotted a similarly excellent law firm website, please do send it in here.



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anonymous user
24/08/2012 13:59
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Photoshop work done by Cecilia Gimenez presumably.
anonymous user
24/08/2012 16:06
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anonymous user
27/08/2012 05:45
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olive to check out this firm at some point.
anonymous user
28/08/2012 15:19
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Disappointingly Mr Robert Olive has not has his head replaced with a massive olive on his biog.