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Exclusive: lawyer suspended for naked advocacy
03 October 2014
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A 52-year-old French lawyer has been suspended for appearing in court wearing nothing under his robes.

The un-named Strasbourg advocate admitted to appearing sans briefs for a couple of years. He was only caught out on a warm day in July. An unexpected blast from an air conditioning unit made his robes billow up, the judges were treated to a view of his junk and he ran from court covered in confusion.

    How it might have looked

The lawyer told his disciplinary body that he was often naked at home, and it was just quicker and easier to pull on his robes without the bother of getting dressed first. An excuse which didn't wash - the tribunal found that his behaviour fell short of the standards expected of his profession and suspended him for three months. He intends to appeal.



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anonymous user
03/10/2014 09:28
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This isn't news. It was in his brief. Ahthankya.
anonymous user
03/10/2014 12:16
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Err... when I say we lawyers need to 'get naked' I don't mean it literally !
Chrissie Lightfoot
Author of The Naked Lawyer
anonymous user
03/10/2014 15:21
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Please explain the bare facts of this case
anonymous user
03/10/2014 16:38
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I wonder if a suspension was the most appropriate form of...redress
anonymous user
03/10/2014 16:44
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He didn't need this kind of exposure.
anonymous user
04/10/2014 09:49
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This is from a French website not dissimilar to The Onion, i.e. entirely made up funny news.