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University screws over students by cancelling LPC
Recommends a 90 mile round trip if they want to continue their studies ... read more >
Entrepreneurial law student jailed for dealing drugs between classes
Punished for bringing joy to the new towns of Hertfordshire ... read more > (2 comments)
Lawyer faces prison after showing her front bottom to cabbie
I had a semi-naked officer of the court in the back of my cab ... read more > (3 comments)
The RoF Blogs
Blog, Marry, Avoid ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
Who let the blogs out? ... read more >
Exclusive: Irwin Mitchell CEO steps down
Surprise move after 37 years at the firm ... read more > (3 comments)
The RoF Blogs
The curious incident of the blog in the night-time ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
In search of the missing blog ... read more >
Addleshaws Managing Partner steps down early
As firm admits it got its numbers wrong ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
It's raining cats and blogs ... read more >
Exclusive: Storm as law firm refuses to hand over charity raffle prize
Liverpool firm would like to keep its iPad, thank you very much ... read more > (4 comments)
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Bloggier and badder ... read more >
Exclusive: Mayer Brown humiliated in fake partner scandal
Firm pads out Paris partner numbers by re-labelling associates, pets, potplants ... read more > (3 comments)
Exclusive: Schillings loses half its staff in one year
But turnover up as the firm reinvents itself ... read more >
HogLove plans budget office in Birmingham
Will take on only the most tedious jobs ... read more > (2 comments)
Court hears of sex toy injury
And victim's misery at missing strip show ... read more > (2 comments)
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Blogger and Badger ... read more >
Exclusive: DWF makes more redundancies
Legacy Cobbetts staff in the firing line (again) ... read more > (1 comment)
Bonkers Law Firm Website: Fight Club
Battered solicitors bear their wounds ... read more > (3 comments)
The RoF Blogs
Step inside and what do you find? A blog surprise! ... read more >
Toronto lawyer charged with ABH after pub brawl
And people say nothing ever happens in Canada ... read more > (2 comments)
The RoF Blogs
Snoop bloggy blog ... read more >
UK Firm of the Year 2014: Diversity
Firms flounder with promotion of women ... read more > (8 comments)
UK Firm of the Year 2014: Biscuits, parties and pro bono
Where are the cookie monsters, the party monsters and the monsters? ... read more > (4 comments)
UK Firm of the Year 2014: Toilets
From shrieking bogs to the talk of the town ... read more >
The RoF Valentine's Blogs
Blogging for your love ... read more >
UK Firm of the Year 2014: Work/life balance
If you like prison, you'll love Linklaters ... read more >
UK Firm of the Year 2014: Openness
Which firms are open with their plans, and which don't seem to have any? ... read more > (6 comments)
Northern Ireland judge in NekNominate shame
Issues apology after video is circulated ... read more > (5 comments)
The RoF Blogs
The blogs are out ... read more >
Firm of the Year Loser: Parabis gets the Golden Turd
Clarke Willmott and DAC Beachcroft just miss out ... read more > (43 comments)
Irwin Mitchell banned by Google
Marketing campaign backfires horribly ... read more > (22 comments)
Glamorous Solicitor caption competition winner
Before he discovered facilities agreements he was a seven stone weakling ... read more >
The RoF Blogs
Blogging our hearts out ... read more >

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