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Bonkers German website of the week
30 November 2012
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This week's delightfully cringe-worthy website comes courtesy of Spilker & Collegen, a law firm in Erfurt, Thuringia, featuring such partners as Heinz-Jochen Spilker:

  Before the operation they were this big

    Do you want some? Because you're going to get some

    Who's the man? Heinz-Jochen's the man

Gerd Lodige:

    Techno techno techno, yes?!

Dr Matthias Fertig:

    I have a dream...

And Manfred Scherer:

    Heeeeeeere's Manfred!

Readers with a little more time on their hands may also wish to check out the photos of the firm's outlandish 20th anniversary party:

    We make sechsy time!


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