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Northern Ireland judge in NekNominate shame
07 February 2014
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A District Judge in Northern Ireland has apologised after a video emerged of her playing a drinking game.

Rosemary Watters was filmed at a family party downing a shot of alcohol and then nominating someone else to follow suit. Ordinarily this might be met with a collective shrug of the shoulders. But NekNominating* has become a global craze and two young men recently died in the Republic of Ireland after playing the game.

    Judge Watters relaxing at home yesterday

So the Office of the Lord Chief Justice has now got involved. It released a statement saying that District Judge Watters "recognises her foolish behaviour and would discourage anyone else from repeating what she did". It added ominously that the LCJ would be "making enquiries".

*For the benefit of older readers, NekNominating entails a drinker downing a shot (often of something dangerous and/or disgusting), issuing a challenge to another drinker, and posting a video of the results on social meeja.


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