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Top 10 Bonkers Websites of the year
18 December 2015
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Law firms once had a reputation as being fusty and dusty. As the top Bonkers Websites of 2015 illustrate, nothing could be further from the truth.

Lawyers, at least the lawyers at these firms, are creative innovators. They are also partially clothed, narcissistic, fond of props, twitching and/or faceless. Here's a countdown of the best ten of the year.

Chain Avocats
, which made its lawyers look like they were having fun, possibly at gunpoint.
Jahae Reymakers
, where no lawyer was left without a toy
Irina T Svetkova, which featured a helluva lot of Irina T Svetkova 
Avengard Law Firm
, which featured another Russian who fancied himself
The Glamorous Solicitor finalist himself, allergic-to-clothes-and-also-Russian-what-is-it-with-Russian-lawyers-and-clothes, Oleg Sukhov.
Ana Brkan
, the Australian firm with one lawyer and two bodies.
Astrea Law
, which evidently had a small animation budget
Bhogal Partners
, where the staff were literally faceless (until RollOnFriday drew them in)
Levitt & Grosman
, terrifying
Winner: Greenfort
, which must have spent an absolute fortune

Congratulations to Greenfort for being, er, the most bonkers. If you see any worthy sites, do tell RollOnFriday.

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