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Fantastic RollOnMonday video of the week
16 December 2016
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RollOnMonday, the project by RollOnFriday and homeless charity St Mungo's, launched earlier this year.  We'd like to share a video of one of the homeless candidates who has just started at Clifford Chance. It's a seasonal feel-good story, and without a fictional penguin or boxer dog promoting John Lewis goods in sight.

Under RollOnMonday, law firms employ work-ready homeless candidates wherever they have need for them for a minimum of six months on at least the London Living Wage. At the end of the placement there's a hope but not an expectation that the candidates might be retained permanently.

The project is absolutely flying and has placed 40 candidates so far. Here is a video of David. In the past he slept rough, and when applying for jobs sent out over 800 CVs with no luck. He started at Clifford Chance in a logistics position last Monday and is loving it. When asked in the video how he would feel on his first day at Clifford Chance he said "like a child on Christmas morning".


If your firm is interested in taking someone on, please click here to find out more, or email


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