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Exclusive: Dentons lawyers send Dentons lawyers barmy Xmas love letter
23 December 2016
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Dentons' Russian lawyers have sent a bizarre Christmas ecard to the rest of the firm.

Produced by the firm's "Saint-Peterburg" (sp) real estate team, it whisks non-St Petersburg Dentons lawyers on a 50 second sugarplum journey around Vlad's Venice of the North.

Comprising a slideshow of costumed property lawyers posing around town, each picture also features a staffer paying tribute to Bob Dylan (or the stalkery bloke from Love Actually) by holding up a sign. Together they spell out the patriotic message, "FROM THE BEST DENTONS SAINT PETERSBURG REAL ESTATE TEAM TO THE BEST LAW FIRM!" As there is only one Dentons Saint Petersburg Real Estate team, their heartwarming attempt at communication is at least half true.

  What's an S between comrades? 

  Anastasia, Father Crimbo and a woman waiting to pick up From.

  Imagine slaving away on a deal and then getting this from the jokers in Russia. Cheer you right up.

  Dentons, to be forever associated with a man playing with his big red sack.

  Finally spelt it right. Watch out for the creepy guy.

  But is Santa Claus real?

  Spot the subtle threat of military power.

   Hullo, Santa's scored.

  Stop fighting over his sack, we've got to remember what all these signs say.

  Cossack-dancing Santa celebrates Dentons SP having the best Dentons SP Real Estate team. And putting Trump in the White House, probably.

The team can sleep easy. One delighted recipient told RollOnFriday, "We in Dentons London weren't aware there was more than one such team, but they have certainly brought us tidings of comfort and joy". A Dentons spokesman said, "Nice touch from St Petersburg".

 RollOnFriday was also forwarded this beauty by a reader:

If you've received a similarly excellent/sinister Christmas card from a firm, please send it to We'll send a RollOnFriday t-shirt for the best one, so include an email address if you want to be in with a chance.


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