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Mishcon defeats government in Brexit battle
27 January 2017
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Anti-Brexit campaigners represented by Mishcon de Reya, Bindmans and Edwin Coe have thwarted the government's immediate plans on Brexit, as the Supreme Court held that it cannot trigger Article 50 without Parliament's authority. Here's a handy cut-out-and-keep crib sheet by Will Richmond-Coggan of Pitmans on the impact of the ruling.

The Supreme Court ruled in favour of the anti-Brexiters by a majority of eight to three. Lord Neuberger, President of the Court, said that the main reasoning was that although the government has a prerogative power to withdraw from international treaties "it cannot do that if it changes UK laws without the consultation of parliament". Lord Chancellor Liz Truss was quick to provide a positive response in support of the judiciary this time, perhaps to avoid being chastised again for her muted stance after the High Court ruling.

Meanwhile in the Daily Mail comments section

Lead claimant Gina Miller, who instructed Mishcon de Reya, said that the case was "about the legal process, not politics". One of her lawyers, Emily Nicholson of Mishcon, told RollOnFriday that the firm was "very pleased with the result and very pleased for our client". Nicholson acknowledged that whilst the firm had been on the receiving end of some hostility (i.e. the rabble who picketed Mishcon's office) this was "nothing compared to the anger and hatred directed towards Gina who received threats of an unimaginably vicious nature" adding that Miller continues "to be incredibly brave in the face of very personal and frightening campaigns against her."

Whilst Mischon has been at the forefront of the most high-profile legal issue to date resulting from the EU referendum, other firms have taken a more dubious approach to try to cash in


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