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Exclusive: BLM made 300 staff share one toilet and is axing partners
24 February 2017
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Hundreds of staff at regional firm BLM were forced to share a single toilet when the water cut out and management refused to send them home.

When a water mains burst in central Manchester in December, it affected dozens of business. RollOnFriday revealed that shipping and insurance specialist Clyde & Co provided its staff with flasks of water to sustain them rather than send them home. But lawyers at Berryman Lace Mawer say they "got off easy".

A BLM insider said RollOnFriday "made me laugh" (success!) when "you reported the other week that Clyde were forced to work with no mains least they got a bottle of water". At BLM, "we got an email saying don't worry, the 300 people who work here, please feel free to use the one toilet on the ground floor. And if you want water, there's a shop round the corner".

  They pretended to browse casually, but they were all touching cloth

Meanwhile the firm is making staff, including salaried partners, redundant. A spokeswoman confirmed that the firm had "commenced a review" of its healthcare teams in London and Manchester. It blamed "changes within our marketplace, which has directly impacted upon the team”. Insiders said that all the healthcare partners were for the chop, while BLM said six roles "may" be affected. 

BLM scored a woeful 31% overall in the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2017 survey (in sharp contrast to Clyde & Co, which scored a fair 68%). Respondents said the Manchester office was "unraveling", while the "lavish" new London HQ, where water flows like water, was "internally branded 'the Emperor's New Clothes".


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24/02/2017 08:56
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I believe the firm is called "Berrymans Lace Mawer ", not "Berryman Lace & Mauer"
anonymous user
25/02/2017 12:52
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The writing has been on the wall for ages with BLM. They claim to be a big city player yet the culture is awful.Partners faff around more focused on proving egos or behaving with desperation to clients (yes, we will take you drinking tonight on a whim to suck up to you, Yes, we will take your all your claims and do a good job for peanuts in london,. Yes, junior fee earners, we know you are not paid as much as the real city players but carry on because we promise you partnership and although you work 10 hours a day you have a great work/ life balance here at tis leading city firm. Oh and unless you cover for partners / don't rock the boat or ask questions you will not be an associate....
anonymous user
01/03/2017 20:28
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whoever wrote at 25/02/2017 is spot on.

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