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Exclusive: QMUL masters student investigated for faking law degree
03 March 2017
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A law student studying a masters at Queen Mary University of London is being investigated after it emerged that her law degree was fake.

Hani Hussein was accepted onto QMUL's criminal justice LLM in September last year. Hussein won her place after asserting that she had graduated with a first class law degree from Oxford Brookes University. She even had a certificate:

However, RollOnFriday has discovered that it is a forgery, and that Hussein was thrown off Oxford Brookes' LLB for non-payment of fees in 2015. The university usually gives early leavers a consolation 'exit award' corresponding to the number of credits they did manage to earn. But Hussein was denied even that when it was discovered that she had been falsely representing that she had graduated.

Hussein repeated her claims on Twitter, where she also boasted that she had passed the BPTC and was "officially a barrister".

Hussein has since deleted all her social media accounts. 

A spokesman for Oxford Brookes told RollOnFriday, "we had determined that this individual's actions had breached our Student Conduct Regulations", and said that QMUL had been in touch in relation to Hussein. A spokeswoman for QMUL said, "QMUL is aware of allegations concerning a potentially fraudulent application to study at the university. We take all allegations of application fraud extremely seriously and have robust procedures in place to investigate each case. We are unable to comment on individual investigations”. 


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anonymous user
03/03/2017 04:28
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would never have thought someone would go to those sort of lengths over a degree from Oxford Brookes
anonymous user
03/03/2017 10:14
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Zero knowledge of the law and the ability to blag as if her life depended on it? She'd do mighty fine in most of the completion meetings I've ever been in. There's not one lawyer in the room who could tell you the practical difference for the client between the various options for a dispute resolution clause but they'll still argue that the one they favour is the better option.
anonymous user
03/03/2017 15:19
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The girl obviously needs help. The application fraud is one thing but those Twitter ramblings are from a mind in need of help and support.

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