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Exclusive: Withers offers female staff half-price salad on Women’s Day
10 March 2017
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Female staff at Withers have revolted after the firm celebrated International Women's Day by offering them a discount on salad.

On a day of protests calling for gender parity, the blue-blooded private client firm chose to mark the occasion by offering women at the firm half-price salads in the canteen. A source told RollOnFriday that instead of gnawing gratefully on their leaves, Withers women complained. Posters advertising the deal were "hastily removed".

    (not the actual poster)

Plenty of Withers' wealthy old private clients pre-date the women's lib movement, so it's perhaps not surprising that the firm itself was momentarily baffled by the complexities of gender politics. A spokesman mansplained, "Withers places great importance on diversity and equality within the workplace, and we removed the posters when we received a comment about this promotion".


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