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Top Asia Stories 2016

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Law student fighting legal battle to use penis as his official signature
Will make partner one day ... read more > (1 comment)
KWM lawyer quits firm to set up hangover clinic
But doesn't offer bacon sarnies ... read more >
Bonkers lawyer's vanity publishing of the week
#lawyer #instagram #instagramlawyer ... read more >
Managing Partner of Clifford Chance's Sydney office departs
Along with senior partner in surprise exit ... read more >
Slater & Gordon reveals losses of £493,000,000 and imminent redundancies
As other firms threaten shareholder class actions ... read more > (5 comments)
Former King & Wood Mallesons lawyer quits job to make tiny furniture
Good attention to detail ... read more >
Slater & Gordon GC quits after just seven weeks
Swift about-turn ... read more > (4 comments)
Hogan Lovells hires four new partners in Australia
Husband and wife team have some good news ... read more > (1 comment)
DLA Piper lawyer tries to find love on flight
Searches plane for "the one" ... read more > (1 comment)
Law student tries to shut down Facebook page of university "hotties"
Petition gains wide support ... read more > (2 comments)
Defendant forced to repeat his facebook comment calling judge a "c***"
Just before he is sentenced ... read more > (4 comments)
Squire PB associate claims sexism and crazy hours led her to quit $400k job
Blows up on Reddit with gory details of rich, unhappy life ... read more > (13 comments)
Aggressive marketing of the week
Fight! Fight! Fight! ... read more >
Exclusive: Ex-Clifford Chance chief sets up rival firm in the same building
Ideal for poaching ... read more > (1 comment)
Exclusive: WFW partner allegedly sublet flat while claiming the rent
Expenses scandal ... read more > (1 comment)
Hong Kong lawyer in trouble for High Court selfie
Vanity publishing goes wrong ... read more > (2 comments)
Exclusive: Stephenson Harwood trainee lamps partner in drunken "initiation"
Bonkers in Honkers ... read more > (6 comments)
Saudi court says Clifford Chance is operating illegally
Too many forms ... read more > (4 comments)
Exclusive: Bakers partner once sentenced to five years' hard labour
Human rights hero revealed ... read more > (1 comment)
Hogan Lovells and Herbies launch scheme to employ mums
Attack the female brain drain ... read more > (6 comments)
Judge slams barristers for wearing wigs
"I experience disrespect" ... read more >
Bonkers Law Firm Website: Dungeon Masters
Bring back Knightmare ... read more >
Dirty money washed through Shearman & Sterling to make Wolf of Wall Street
Gang used firm's client account to fund lavish lifestyle ... read more >
Judge in epic rant against barrister in court
"I have never seen such incompetence" ... read more >
Court orders that Tolkein rings be destroyed
The Council of Elrond has spoken ... read more >
Hogan Lovells lawyer carries Olympic flame
Best out-of-office excuse ... read more >
Defendant calls on Jurassic Park in desperate plea
An argument 65 million years in the making ... read more >
Exclusive: Top Bell Gully partner turns up in associate's hotel room
Claims it was completely innocent ... read more > (5 comments)
Lawyer loses defamation case after being compared to bumbling film lawyer
Life imitates art ... read more >
Judge allegedly strikes lawyer with crutches at charity fundraiser
And is now on sick leave ... read more >
Ex-Addleshaws lawyer appeals against his crystal meth conviction
Caught with enough meth to fell a rhino ... read more > (7 comments)
Exclusive: Associate sued NRF for injury caused by partner bullying
Claim against karate partner ... read more >
Exclusive: HSF teaches lawyers how to laugh
Compulsory fun in Dubai ... read more >
KWM partners asked for £14m and a lock-in to save the firm
They have a week to look down the back of the sofa ... read more > (6 comments)
Exclusive: Lawyer moonlights as YouTube sensation
Look, at least he's got a life outside work ... read more > (3 comments)
Driver avoids breath test by debating law with police officer
Law bore of the week ... read more >
Lawyer becomes head of Kiwi Freemasons
Everyone, roll up your trouser leg and make the sign of two badgers ... read more >
Hogan Lovells launches gender transitioning training for staff
Just don't mention Dubai ... read more > (5 comments)
Firm claims to have created a robot lawyer
But sadly it's neither a robot or a lawyer ... read more >
Exclusive: Ince associate leaves firm after fight with Kennedys partner
Flown out of country to avoid jail ... read more > (7 comments)