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2:1 from crap uni,MA from top uni.TC chance?
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Posted - 09 June 2016 23:27
I am looking for some honest opinions.
I am EU therefore no GCSEs or A levels. I have some equivalent AP (american) grades which are pretty good (3 As) and Spanish entrance exam (8.5/10). UCAs does not have an equivalent for my Spanish grades but I see Oxford requires a 9/10 so cannot be that bad.
Why I ended in a crappy uni with a 2:1
I graduated at 16, I had a lot of family issues and citizenship issues. I basically ran away from my family in the US and in Spain and ended up here, 16 yo. at the first uni that took me without asking me for an adult guardian (ex poly). And then I decided to start acting like a 16 yo and ended up with a 2:1 (although high).
At 19 I started my MA at a top London uni, got a merit.
Worked in Paris as a clerk/admin for a top law firm for year then worked in Financial Services for 2 years and saved for the GDL. I have gotten a couple distinctions so far and felt the exams went good.

My question is: Do I have a chance for a MC TC if I get a Distinction on the GDL? I keep getting rejections. Of course firms do not see my age nor my situation when they assess applications. I wonder good GDL mark would make a significant difference?

Thanks and sorry for the long message!

Posted - 18 June 2016 02:40
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Your GDL grades will not impact on whether you will or won't get a MC TC.

Your university grade is the most important. Fortunately, it's a 2:1 - but unfortunately, you don't have A-Levels and you went to an ex-poly. Your situation also doesn't give rise to mitigation.

You should try to get a TC, qualify and then look to move to a MC firm if that's really important to you.