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A sign of our times that..
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Posted - 30 June 2016 14:58
..when we talk about political issues (be it for or against) we are automatically quoting or citing one or the other tory MP or spokesman.

Labour is featuring only when one wants to ridicule Corbyn

Libdems not even on the horizon.

SNP - every single observation is about them leaving the UK - again negative (although some muttering about Sturgeon being delightful lass).
Posted - 30 June 2016 15:08
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Jezza complained that the press didn't give him any coverage during the referendum. Isn't Seumas's whole job to ensure that they get press coverage?
Posted - 30 June 2016 15:11
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Seumas was busy translating the latest Red Book edition into English. He had priorities.

Jokes aside - you are right. This whole labour party has become a joke.