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To LPC or not.
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Posted - 05 July 2016 15:43
Currently working in a high-street firm in the property department and absolutely hating everything about it, I am due to begin the LPC part time in September - financing myself, using up all annual leave to even do the course, generally not feeling too positive with the thought of spending £11k without a guarantee of a TC afterwards. I can't even book any holidays for the next 2-3 years as all my 25 days will have to go on the course.

The firm itself has just merged with a local firm and its not all going to plan, partners, senior associates and associates have left, I can see the ship sinking..

Ask anybody in the street to cough up £11k, sacrifice your holiday, live on a salary >£18, they would tell you where to go.

So... is it really worth it?

Posted - 06 July 2016 19:12
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You've pretty much answered your own question.

No, it is not - go and do something enjoyable.
Posted - 08 July 2016 11:56
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What the Afro said.
Posted - 14 July 2016 13:28
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Most firms would let you go down to 4 days a week so you can study your LPC without using up all your holiday.
Chances of TC hunting success will depend on your grades, your interview skills and sheer luck..

But if you hate the job so much why take the next step?

Isn't a law degree of some general business use?

Posted - 22 July 2016 11:38
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I did it (graduated without a TC, started the part-time LPC while working in high street and then regional but not corporate law firm and got a city mid-way through the LPC) and it can pay off but you have to know what you want, what your realistic chances are (based on grades and other CV stuff) and know you are willing to put the effort in.

Can you negotiate study leave (paid or otherwise) with your employer?

I did it at Nottingham and it certainly didn't take anywhere near my annual holiday allowance.

If you think you're likely to get a TC with a firm that funds LPCs though, I'd wait.
Posted - 22 July 2016 13:53
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In a turn of events through various meetings with HR & said boss. They have agreed for me to make up my time, I get to save my AL, they've gifted me two extra days.

Their too thin on the ground in our department to start ruffling feathers, nonetheless next step is payrise!