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TC Chances? Advice please 2.1 but crap A lv's
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Posted - 30 October 2016 07:03
Hello all,

Currently a 3rd year student at birkbeck
Will achieve a mid 2.1 65/66 and then plan to do a LLM in international business law at a top uni, my A-levels are crap/non existent

Have work experience at an international arbitration centre, RPC, Old square chambers and doughty street.

Have also worked throughout my degree.

Will I stand any hope? Thanks
Posted - 30 October 2016 14:41
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There is always hope. That said, you are going to struggle and there is no way around that. Why do you have crap/non-existent circs?

Tbf, most firms don't care about your extenuating circs(if you have them), at most, they will listen, then show you the door, or close it on you before you get inside.
Posted - 31 October 2016 10:50
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There's no real reason. Lack of maturity if I'm going to be honest and I don't see any point in making a sob story. As I thought, really. Wish me luck, haha.
The Mens Room
Posted - 01 November 2016 10:43
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Where do you want to work? I saw v capable trainees at my last West End firm with 2:1s from places like Essex and Kent. No idea about their A levels but all had proven themselves as paralegals first.

If I were you I'd paralegal and impress a few partners rather than do the LLM.