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TC with a scraped through 2.1?
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Posted - 18 June 2017 21:34
In 2013, I got a 2.1 after a decision from the university that my 59.7 (or thereabouts) should be rounded up to 60%. Therefore I was awarded a 2.1.

It's a RG, Sheffield. I am starting an LLM at Durham soon and have 2 years of paralegal experience with 8 months of experience at a corporate grad role (in the construction industry). I went travelling for a while in the months that I was not working.

Do firms look at the whole picture? (Especially if I improve academically while at Durham). Also, during my experiences at the corporate grad role I had some good achievements so perhaps that may make up for the 2.1 that I got through the skin of the teeth?

I don't have any extenuating circumstances, I just fucked up by making a bad module choice (the module I got a fail mark in).
Legal Alien
Posted - 22 June 2017 16:01
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You'll get one if you lower your expectations I expect.

Gowling, Gateleys, Fieldfisher and the like rather than Skaddens, Kirland and Freshfields.
Vinnie Gambini
Posted - 23 June 2017 11:05
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How come you only did 8 months on a corporate grad scheme and didn't complete it/take up a role with the co?
Posted - 27 July 2017 20:51
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Hi James, what were your GCSE and A Level results?
Posted - 27 August 2017 02:09
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It's a 2.1 that's all that matters
Roscoe P. Coltrane
Posted - 29 August 2017 20:00
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2:1 from Sheffield will get you a TC, but you could spend a very long time applying if you start at the "best" firms and work your way to the worst.

Why not make a list of 30 target firms: 10 from the top 25 and US firms in London; 10 from the top 50; and 10 from the top 100.

Then apply for 1 from each list and repeat?

Hopefully you'll get some offers in soon.
Posted - 22 September 2017 08:34
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What the fak? Who cares what type of 2.1 you got? You seem obsessed with the fact that you scraped though - your cv will simply say that you got a 2.1. Perfectly acceptable degree, end of story. Outside the very top firms that gets you a look in.