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Should I declare my Aspergers?
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Posted - 31 December 2017 15:27
I’ve recently graduated with a degree in the humanities from Durham. My undergraduate years were an awful time for me- I was later diagnosed with Aspergers, which explained a lot. While I achieved a mid 2:1, my marks were inconsistent due to my crippling depression and anxiety.

I’m now much better, and can function normally in social situations. Reading people is still hard, but most consider me eccentric as opposed to developmentally disables. Should I disclose my diagnoses in application forms to explain my marks? Do law firms actually take mitigating circumstances into account? And, as ASD is misunderstood, would declaring it hinder me?

Posted - 01 January 2018 23:58
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That's rough. Glad you feel better. Your medical history is nobody's business but yours. Declare nothing. A mid 2.1 isn't a bad degree and doesn't require an apology or explanation. Best of luck.
Posted - 04 January 2018 14:47
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I agree with harle.
Roscoe P. Coltrane
Posted - 15 January 2018 16:20
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I agree with harlequin01 that you should declare nothing.

I believe that a much higher proportion of lawyers are much further along the spectrum (me included) than is average in the general population so it needn't hold you back.

Many top 40 firms say you just need a 2:1 but filter out anyone with Cs and Ds at Uni.

So spread your net wide and perhaps apply to some top 100 firms, Scottish firms' London offices, and boutique firms eg

I wish you the best.