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Explanation and source of figures

Explanation and source of figures

All the information in the inside info section is the result of our latest original research. While some firms are happy to confirm factual details, others are not (particularly in relation to salaries). Accordingly some figures are simply estimates based on our research. Therefore, while every firm in the table has been given the opportunity to review and comment on the figures published, all figures should be treated as approximate guides only. Salary figures in particular should be treated as a guide to the average salary that a solicitor of the indicated level of experience might be likely to earn. Should you require exact figures, we strongly recommend that you contact the firm in question.

Where we refer to "24 hour support", we mean support that is provided whether or not it is specifically asked for by fee earners. In our experience, almost every firm says that 24 hour support is available "if needed" - but the reality for a junior lawyer working late by him or herself may be very different. So if it's not on-tap every day, we don't count it as 24 hour support.

This is a fast moving industry, and inevitably facts and figures change. If you think that any of our facts and figures are inaccurate, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will happily, and promptly, make any necessary corrections. If you have comments on our editorial opinion, we'd love to hear that too! Contact us now at