2 litres of water per day

Does anyone manage this regularly? I am trying to be more healthy etc, but it's a lot of swishing around when you're in a sedentary job.

Its a lot easier when you ingest it in the form of beer or wine.

Seriously though my practice is to drink a 500ml bottle in the evening, have another 500ml bottle on the bedstand which I glug first thing, then I drink another 500ml during the course of my walk into work.  With about half-a-dozen cups of tea during the day I must be closer to 3 litres plus  

I get headaches if I don't.  Generally have a litre bottle on my desk that ends up being refilled at least once during the day then also drink plenty with and after dinner.  On a sweaty day like this I'll gladly polish of a litre between after lunch and finishing work.

I guess it depends on the individual, but the industry that promotes water drinking seems to act as if we have evolved with a mineral deficiency!

I drink at least 2L of water, sometimes 3L and I'm always chronically dehydr8ed.

No, I haven't got diabetes, I tested for it a few months back.

Wot Sailo said.

Sweating, headaches, dry mouth, brightly coloured pee (TMI I know) etc. 

Just drink to thirst. You don't need to force yourself to drink some arbitrary amount.

Chimp how much damage can you do to your bladder holding in your wee too long?

Heh. The bladder will probably be OK but you run the theoretical risk of causing kidney damage as urine tracks back up the ureter. I actually had some beers in the park with a m7 recently and had to endure a walk back to his absolutely bursting for a pi55. Had some L sided renal pain by the end I’m absolutely certain of it.

I'm averaging about 4L a day. About 2L just from dinner onwards. Plus 500ml as soon as I wake up, and 1.5-2L through the afternoon. How do people not get headaches if you don't even hit 2 a day? 

Yeah people mug you off for pissing in the street but tbh it’s better than the alternative

i once had 4-5 pints of premium strength lager in short order and due to my fear of train toilets had to hold the lot from Charing X to Dover Priory. It hurt like fvck for about 3 days

What Orwell and New Chimp @ 17:19 said - it’s just a fashion. 
I went climbing once on a trip led by a top climber (what we were doing was a walk in the park for him but high and scary for me) and he drank hardly any water in the day (reduce weight) and liked a few alcoholic drinks (and a perv at the waitresses) in the mountain huts. 

anyway 2l a day is just nonsense- if thirsty = drink water. See also Theiseger (sp?) and his Arabian desert adventures 

My problem is that I usually drink either coffee or alcohol, so I'm trying to give my brain a chance.

My old man keeps getting told off by various nurses because an orange juice with breakfast, a couple of coffees, a bloody mary with lunch and a few wines in the evening leaves you constantly dehydrated.

Yeah I drink lots of water.

Pint as soon as I rise.

Pint every hour (and usually a hot drink as well) when working 

Pint with each meal 

Usually a couple of teas in the evening 

Pint during the night 

My urine is very clear 

Obviously I'm not including beer in this.

a pint of water every hour? you are risking water toxemia. 

Looks like 6 litres of water or thereabouts per day for Davos.

We're doing you a favour taking the piss out of you all day, you'd live in the bog otherwise.

I've been doing since I was about 17 so think I'll be fine.

Thanks for your concern though.

My bladder is strong.

Tbh I am a big old boy after many years of heavy lifting and I sweat a lot, so don't think it's bad at all.

Never had any health issues. Except the odd headache if i get dehydrated.






About 2L just from dinner onwards. 

How are you not constantly getting up in the middle of the night to go pee? 

I do sometimes but not that often. If I eat by 730-8 and I’m in bed by 1030-11, most of it is out before I get into bed. 

I always get up in the night for a whizz and always have done regardless of the amount I drink.

It's also easier to poo if you are drinking plenty.

6 - 7 litres a day here. 

When I get up, I fill two 1 litre bottles and my pint glass with water.

Drink that over the morning.

Refill at lunch time. Drink over afternoon.

Then probably another 2 - 3 pints during the evening.

It's possible that I'm diabetic.

But, on the plus side, my wee is generally crystal clear.

I reckon I drink less than 1L of water per diem.

My piss is practically opaque.

And yet I am never thirsty.

How are people drinking 5 or 6 litres a day? I’d spend most of my waking hours pissing. I probably drink a pint or two of water and 3 or 4 cups of tea or coffee. The only time I get headaches is if I don’t drink any caffeine. 

It will depend to an extent on your diet.  If you eat lots of things like soup you’ll drink less.

I drink almost no water at all. 1 normal coffee, 2 or 3 decaff in the day, perhaps a cup of tea and then a beer or two after a get home.

All you active water guzzlers are acting under the puppet strings of Big Water TM

Just drink when you are thirsty. 

That's exactly what I do and it's all tap rather than fancy bottled Big Water.

Dunno, don't measure it.  Probably more like 1 - 1.5 litres of pure water, plus plenty of other drinks.  If I do a lot of cardio (bike ride or run) you can probably add another litre.

I feel almost exactly correctly hydrated.