Best episode of a TV show

Or couple of episodes.


Watching the episodes of West Wing where Zoey is kidnapped and he makes your man from Roseanne President. Epic TV.

The suitcase episode of Mad Men is probably the best though - also featuring Scientology mentalist Elisabeth Moss

Honourable mention to the episode of Breaking Bad where everyone finds out who he is. Trying not to post spoilers for decades old TV LOL

Friends, The One With The Morning After

(not joking)

The musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Fawlty Towers: The Germans

Blackadder: Goodbyeee

Inside No. 9: The Twelve Days Of Christine

Yes Prime Minister: A Diplomatic Incident

The Thick Of It: The Goolding Inquiry

OFAH: Time On Our Hands

Father Ted: A Song For Europe

The musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It was called Once More, With Feeling. 

"I've got a theory, that it's a demon. A dancing demon, no, wait, something isn't right there."



Sopranos, the one in the snow looking for the Russian.

Final episode of Blackadder goes forth. Perfect TV.

First episode of the second series of Fleabag. Excellent editing. 

I think I could make a strong case for all of my top 5 TV episodes being from Buffy, PP

The episode of the sopranos where Tony and Carmela have their epic fight


x-files: tooms 


band of brothers first episode

Stath Lets Flats: the one where Cem from American Let’s sets all the ‘sticks’ on fire and has to go round putting them out with a big Lilt 

The IT Crowd: “The Final Countdown” or “The Work Outing” 

Schitts creek's best episode is Meet the Parents

The Good place's best episode is Mindy St Clare 

best episode of buffy isn't once more with feeling, it's passion series 2


Mad Men - Shut the Door, have a Seat (the suitcase is a good shout tho)

Simpsons- Homer's Nemesis (Frank Grimes episode)


Blackadder, the ending one with all the poppies. Moving.

The Office (UK) Christmas party, Scratch beneath the surface.

'Sopranos, the one in the snow looking for the Russian.'. 


I remember watching this episode on TV in isolation never having seen any other episode. It stands up on its own. 





The Office: Quiz

Toast of London: where he loses £20,000 to Andrew Lloyd-Webber at poker and Michael Ball enforces the debt 

Could have 5-6 episodes of West Wing in this - I think the Santos episode where he wins is my favourite.

2nd vote for Blackadder where they go over the top. 

best episode of buffy isn't once more with feeling, it's passion series 2

the body

Dusty that minibus with the really slow raising and lowering of the wheelchair is probably the hardest I’ve ever laughed 

I submit three episodes of Curb as my favourite comedy episodes  

Palestinian Chicken

The Doll

Larry v Michael J Fox 

Father Ted: A Song For Europe

heh agreed laughing just thinking about it

Yup Palestinian Chicken is probably my favourite comedy episode of anything.

Futurama: Jurassic Bark

Ever Decreasing Circles: One Night Stand (Rex Tynan and Belgian booze)

Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads: No Hiding Place (England F)

Maid Marian & Her Merry Men: Tunnel Vision (Crystal Maze piss-take)

I'm Alan Partridge: To Kill A Mocking Alan (the one with Jed)

Rising Damp: Charisma (when Rigsby burns the wood of the love tree)

Steptoe & Son: The Desperate Hours (pure Brecht)

Drop The Dead Donkey: Christmas Party

House Of Cards: the one when Urquhart becomes PM (last episode of series 1)

‘Dusty that minibus with the really slow raising and lowering of the wheelchair is probably the hardest I’ve ever laughed’

the best bit of that is where she turns round to order a drink and Moss is working behind the bar

OFAH : To Hull and Back or The Jolly Boys Outing (Margate)

Dimi, the first time I saw that episode i was in so much pain from laughing. When Moss pops up at the bar, it’s just perfect. 

Ps Mr D wants to nominate the Are We Not Men? episode too. The whole “Did you see that ludicrous display last night?” script is repeated quite often chez Dusters. 

Frasier - The Ski Lodge ( With Guy, the Ski Instructor)

Mad Men - The Wheel. (Although Shut the Door, Have a Seat is also brilliant, The Wheel edges it ‘cos of The Carousel pitch, which to me is one of the greatest moments in TV history)

Knowing Me, Knowing Yule (Alan’s Christmas Special)

Is to kill a mocking Alan the one where he dismantles a Corby trouser press? 

I think Hush is my favourite Buffy episode.

West Wing might be the Yo Yo Ma episode where Josh is freaking out.

Part 8 from the reboot Twin Peaks is extreme. I fvcking love it.

Teddy Perkins from Atalanta also weird and ace.


The Simpsons: Last exit to Springfield or Marge vs the Monorail.

west wing is two cathedrals but the others are great too

The Simpsons: Last exit to Springfield or Marge vs the Monorail.


These are TV monuments

The English House of Cards was so much better. 

I think that applies to every show that's been transatlantic.  The bit at the end when FU looks at the camera knowing that we know he's killed Mattie and just says "", ever more magisterially.  Ian Richardson ftw.

Been trying to think of a standout for Porridge but they were so consistently brilliant.  The Christmas specials perhaps because there was more in them.  Even the film worked as an entity, uniquely amongst sitcom films.


You can definitely watch and appreciate Pine Barrens even if you have never watched an episode of the Sopranos.

Paulie and Christopher run in to some issues on a debt collection.


Tony Soprano:
[over the phone] It's a bad connection so I'm gonna talk fast! The guy you're looking for is an ex-commando! He killed sixteen Chechen rebels single-handed!

Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri:
Get the f*** outta here.

Tony Soprano:
Yeah. Nice, huh? He was with the Interior Ministry. Guy's like a Russian green beret. He can not come back and tell this story. You understand?

Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri:
I hear you. [hangs up] You're not gonna believe this. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. Guy was an interior decorator.

Christopher Moltisanti:
His house looked like sh*t.


The Queen's Christmas Message: 1989.

A classic.

Season 2 of buffy is superb, but the best episodes are Becoming Parts 1 and 2

South Park, I’d go with Butters’ Bottom Bitch. Do you know what I am saying?

My favourite south parks: Sexual Harrassment Panda and the one where Eric enters the special Olympics. Incredible stuff. 

The Simpsons- Stonecutters episode 

Southpark- Cartman Joins Nambla

Blackadder - The election episode from season 3

Family Guy- Simpsons Guy

American Dad- Bully for Steve

Ricky Gervais Show- The Man With Two Brains

Buffy- Superstar 

IT Crowd- The Iran episode

Batman & Robin - Fools & Horses

IT Crowd - Gay theatre show


Fancy having a favourite episode of Ever decreasing Circles!

Big Bang Theory - where Leonard finally wins Penny (second time round ....or was it third)

Sopranos - the Tony Carmela fight (Falco was mesmerising) and Long Term Parking. Both shit all over the Interior Decorator in the woods. 


Sopranos - Russian in the snow one. 

Battlestar Galactica - opening mini series (cheating I know)

South Park - Trapped in the Closet

Breaking Bad - one where Hank fends off the twins

Star Trek TNG - The Bulkhead

Buffy - The Body. 

The last two in particular are astoundingly good telly. 

West Wing - Two Cathedrals 

GoT - Battle of the Bastards 





South Park, I’d go with Butters’ Bottom Bitch. Do you know what I am saying?

Yes, I know what you are saying. 

I’m pleased to see so many buffy episodes listed here.

I was coming on to say once more with feeling but becoming 1 and 2 also a good shout. And the prom…

Scep Tic loving your work there, not many Ever Decreasing Circles fans in these here parts. Though I’m going to go for Local Hero where he saves the girl from the pond

Lots of good stuff here but I believe No 9s The 12 days of Christine to be the best half hour of telly ever made.

Wot LawPerson said. Although if I have to pick a single episode then it’s definitely Part 2. I’ve never seen a single episode of a show so perfectly epitomise everything that’s great about it. And Bangel is the greatest love story I’ve ever seen depicted on screen.

Spike’s speech. All of the interactions between Spike and Joyce. Buffy coming out to Joyce. Xander’s “Then why would they make you see me?” That sword fight. Buffy’s sacrifice. You are now leaving Sunnydale (to the sound of Sarah McLachlan as we all sob silently). Oh, I need a hug.

Just remembering all that has inspired me to watch Buffy from the start all over again.

Hush is undoubtedly an incredible episode of tv, and probably the best standalone episode of Buffy IMHO (it shits all over Once More With Feeling). But for pure unadulterated Buffyness, you can’t beat Becoming.

west, the class protector award scene still makes me break down in tears and I must have seen it about 50 times by now.

The Office - Training (probably the best comedy episode ever)

The Simpsons - Marge vs the Monorail

The Wire - Middle Ground (the one where Stringer and Avon's relationship is resolved)

Breaking Bad - Ozymandias

another vote for the sopranos in the snow

stardust17 Nov 21 19:48 ReplyReport

The IT Crowd: “The Final Countdown”

is that the one with the longest build up to a joke in tv comedy, with his phone going off in church? i have not thought about that episode in years. i remember being in agony laughing. i don’t remember any of the rest of the episode being particularly good, but the way they laid out that joke slowly was epic

Shiny happy person - me too!! 

Who knew children could be so gracious?

definitely time for a buffy rewatch 

144 episodes of Buffy. 110 of Angel. Holy shit, that's an investment. 

Breaking Bad has got to be Ozymandias.

The best episodes of Buffy have already been listed, but honourable mention to Restless (last ep of S4).

Jels, West,  Shiny - when I say The Gentlemen I do of course mean Hush.

I do also think the first episode of the sopranos is astonishingly good.  Genuinely ground breaking at the time.  I think we all got so used to the premise that the shock value of the start was lost.

I have tried watching the sopranos so many times. Just cant get into it. All mob things just make me think of little boys playing with toy guns. I cant take any of it seriously

Star Trek: The one where Kirk has to fight the reptile bloke.

24 - the one with kim bauer running thru the woods (where the yokel has captured her and her mum - think its season one)

fawlty towers - the German one

blackadder 1 - the spanish infanta

GOT battle of the bastards

Grand tour - seamen

the bill - garfield and quinnan fight over the irish nurse

spooks - deep fat fryer



Pinky and the Brain - The one in which they try to take over the world.

Can I also add Spaced - Gone (the episode with the imaginary gunfight).

loving the love for Buffy here. would agree that Hush is possible peak Buffy in a classical sense. -scary, funny, inventive. but also that The Body is just superlative television. i don't think I've ever seen anything like it elsewhere that deals with death, loss, grief in such an honest and moving way. all the more astonishing that it was part of a (on the face of it) light weight, teenage, horror-comedy romp.

to the episodes of Buffy already mentioned, I would add a few of my favourite/funniest, although they are by no means the best. the one where Xander tries to cast a love spell on Cordelia, but ends up putting a spell on every woman in town except her. another one with Xander, where the Scooby gang they to get him out of harm's way and he falls in with the school bully who is reanimating his dead buddies to burn down the school. and Tabula Rasa, where they all lose their memories and Giles and Spike think they are father and son.

also, a shout out for the first couple of episodes of Friday Night Lights. I've just discovered that NBC's Peacock service is now on my sky box, and I'm watching it right now.

South Park - Butters' very own episode

Inside no.9 - difficult to call. I love the Christine one, but Empty Orchestra is a perfect script.

Rick and Morty - The Acid Bath episode

kingfaff - totes agree with all of those.  love FNL.

Big heh for sven's 1048

Pine Barrens was directed by Steve Buscemi fact fans 

Family Guy: the one where Brian and Stewie go to the North Pole and take on responsibility for delivering all the presents. I watch this every Christmastime.

I prefer Dish and Dishonesty. Wife prefers Amy and her squirrels.

Red Dwarf - Gunmen Of The Apocalypse 

Minder - Arthur is Dead, Long Live Arthur

A long time ago I used to be an avid watcher of Coronation Street. I remember an episode when Derek was being particularly pompous and self important when speaking to his wife Mavis. He then left their house and got into his company car. It was dark and the car had an enormous illuminated paperclip on the roof. It looked absurd and the combination of the paperclip and Derek's pomposity was very funny. Wry Coronation Street humour at its best.

I don't watch it any more. I think it's best days are past.

Aagh - its!

He was a rep for a stationary company, hence the paperclip on his company car.

Reflecting on my first post, the story arc of zoe’s kidnapping was where Sorkin stepped out of the show. I wonder how he would have resolved it. There is a notable dip in quality, although i wonder sometimes if that is just my own bias

The Stonecutters song:

Who controls the British crown?

Who keeps the metric system down?

We do, we do

Who keeps Atlantis off the maps?

Who keeps the Martians under wraps?

We do, we do

Who holds back the electric car?

Who makes Steve Gutenberg a star?

We do, we do

Who robs gamefish of their sight?

Who rigs every Oscar night?

We do, we do!!

Remove the stone of shame!

Attach the boulder of triumph!

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