Competition - Which ROFer has the biggest English vocabulary?
ObstreperousDogey 13 Jan 22 20:36
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This quick test (about 2 minutes) accurately assesses how much English vocabulary you know.

Ive taken it 3 times, and I got 73%, 79% and 83%. My advice is to go as fast as possible. That was how I got my score higher each time. I never flagged any non-words as actual words. I was quite happy with that given how quickly I was going.

Who can get the best score? You must supply proof in order to win. I will upload screenshots but I’m sure someone will beat my best after a few goes so not worth it currently. Highest proven score becomes official ROF vocabulary champion.

I got 64% but I didn't incorrectly click yes for any words. I said no to Chablis (proper noun?) and a few other words where I was fairly certain they were words but couldn't have defined them.


89%. Accidentally clicked no to a word that was a word tho (boron)

84% on the second go with no mistakes so I guess the rest doesn't have enough questions for a statistically significant result.

81% third go. No non words.  Unlucky on the first go I think/hope!

JM, is your 89% after or before the deduction for the non-word. If after you are leading. If before, Anna is leading.

Im calling it a day for now as I’m too tired to improve on my result. I knew it was time to call it when “spaffing” came up and I said it wasn’t a word. 🤦‍♂️

Did it twice - got 76% and 78%.

In my defence most of the words I said "no" to sound like something Blackadder would have said in Ink and Incapability: pangenetic, neuroleptic, xiphosuran, cutaneous...

Ok so, subject to JM, 4 people are leading on 87%.

89%.  I am a bit dischuffed with bora, which I would put down as either a) not English or b) a proper noun.  And the abbreviation of arc cosine is not a word.


On the other hand I got all the non-words right.  I definitely think whimewane, brincefork, and magzam should be things.

83% less 3% non words incorrectly marked yes 

net net 80%

Thanks for that Dogie.  It’s cool (as the kidz don’t say)

You said yes to 84% of the existing words.

You said yes to 0% of the nonwords.

This gives you a corrected score of 84% - 0% = 84%.

87% on second go.  (Let us not speak of 1st attempt.)

This is probably my greatest contribution to ROF, after 10+ years.

91% (on my 4th go).  The US spelling caught me out on quite a few in my first few goes.  And even ignoring the spelling there are quite a few words in there that are very US-centric e.g. "graham" as an adjective...

Obligato? Surely that's Italian. 


What's their data source? 

First try 87% second try ... 97%!  Woo!  Difference in score due to how many real scientific words there were... the first time I marked some real science words as fake.

Did another 3, for 78, 86 and 84. 

This is addictive. 

We need proof of the 97%. Imgur? I think Sumoking knows how to post pictures.

91% (on my 4th go).  The US spelling caught me out on quite a few in my first few goes.  And even ignoring the spelling there are quite a few words in there that are very US-centric e.g. "graham" as an adjective...

wtf?  On what planet is "graham" an adjective?  Stupid aunts.

Yes, you are the champion. Hard to beat that score. So you must have got through over 33 words and only failed to identify one.

i got 93% of the words and said yes to 7% of the nonwords

but tbf one of the nonwords was “gender”

I increased a full 10% by marking yes to words clearly only us vocabulary (vernacular more like) and unknown in uk.


Well you know what they say minkie, it’s not whether you play the game…

I have no faith in this flawed test and shall not be repeating it.

It thinks that "spaffs" is a non-word! Our esteemed PM will surely beg to differ.

81% (84% if you add spaffs back in).

90%-7% = 83%. Bit annoyed as it said “perfecto” was an English word 

Quite a few medical words - “posteromedial”, “embolus”, “intramural”

Also “combater”, allegedly “one who combats”. Combatant, surely…

Oof.  Just hit 96%.  I'm not stopping till I get 100%.

Now 97%.  I didn't know bedizenment or slickenside.

Heh.  This came up on my last go:

Pettifogger: A lawyer whose practice involves petty matters or who lacks sound legal judgment or skills.

Does anyone know where I can find one of them?

83% first time (93-10)

81% second time (91-10)

93% third time (96-3)

third time was bizarre tho as the only one i thought was a word which wasn’t was “peltish”.

the trick is to remember that it includes slang - eg “gyppo” counted - and minimise the words u think might be but r not

You said yes to 87% of the existing words.

You said yes to 0% of the nonwords.

Proto is a prefix not a word.

I just realised there’s no time limit. I think there’s a finite number of questions you have to answer, as I tried getting a few easy ones and then dithering until it ran down.

I have no idea why I kept doing better the faster I went. Maybe just got used to the kind of words that turn up.

100% would probably be easy to manage if you just Google every word on another phone. I am ending this competition now in order to maintain integrity. Deadcelebrity is eternal champion.

71%. Good job my career is not based on comprehension of the English language… 

I clicked on a handful of non words

84% at second pass, so it’s consistent at least

91% before correction. 88% after. First and only go.

I'd only tried once but assumed there was a time limit. Second attempt slightly slower but not much difference (93%).

And yet there’s nothing from Blackadder’s dictionary in there. 

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