Sunday night headliners

pryamid - Kendrick Lamar

other stage - Pet Shop Boys

Hmm, is that the right way around for a Glastonbury crowd?

I’ve never seen the appeal of Glastonbury or any music festival where you are camping.

And I like camping I just don’t want to camp near a lot of drunk people at a festival.

Heh I guess I am showing my age, have only vaguely heard of him.  That said I stand by my belief that the majority of the 30 pluses in the crowd will be at the other stage on Sunday.

PSB live are absolutely brilliant, saw them at glasto 12 years ago.

never heard of KL, but google confirms hes sold a lot of records (not as many as the PSB though)

Is Glastonbury still for public school 20 somethings spending their parents money?

Or do real people go now?

I have just properly looked at the line up for the first time, there is a lot of very good bands on there. Headliners maybe a bit meh but below them or on the other stages there’s a lot of good times to be had. 

Glastonbury tries to be all things to all people, which is fair enough, but I find it slightly toe curling to see urban rappers perform for the 95% white 85% middle class crowds in a Somerset field.  I feel the audience is being too self consciously enthusiastic about music they would never listen to at home...   

Thats one of the best things about glastonbury

Snoop Dog is probably the best live act i have ever seen, would never in a million years have listened or seen him live for example

I mean if Kendrick Lamar were performing at Wembley it would till be full of middle class white kids. So what’s the issue at Glastonbury?

I mean if Kendrick Lamar were performing at Wembley it would till be full of middle class white kids. 

Tell me you've never been to a Kendrick Lamar gig without telling me you've never been to a Kendrick Lamar gig

I’ve never been to a Kendrick Lamar gig but (in the uk at least and imnvho) you don’t to be an arena sized artist without the white middle class kids

Maybe KL is different but I doubt it. 

my brother used to like going to galstonbury in the early 90s. I think he told me he took a car load of people who bought one ticket between them and the rest snuck in without paying.

this may however be bs. he likes a story. 

I've never been  - it's never really appealed

You used to be able to buy a stamp outside the gate too to get in back then. 

Security guards would help you over the fence for £20.


It’s something that’s great when you’re young and carefree. Absolutely loved going back in the 00s.

but it’s no country for old men*. And if you’re on here that includes you.

*full time druids are probably ok

I went ticketless in '99 just for the last Sunday and there was no need to jump the fence, the security just let everyone in. 



I've never been as it's not really my thing 

But if I wanted to spend time with Tabithas and Tarquins I'd work in a law firm....ah.

I’ve done Reading a couple of times and it was fun.

Also, V a couple of times.

Not done Glasto. Not really tempted at the moment although will watch the footage.

Line-up looks pretty interesting and pleasingly eclectic.


It’s going to be a hot, dry year, I expect.

Possibly after the Tories have taken a proper kicking in 2 by-elections.

Shades of mid-90s. 

That’ll do.

Going for the 7th time this year


Actually feeling mild anxiety about it rather than the usual enthusiasm wierdly, not sure how the ageing Gaga body and mind is gonna cope with 5 days of it this time. 

Plus one of my friends I'm going with has just had vuvu

I went years ago and near the Pyramid Stage went into a tent called Shades of Narnia. It was awesome although my memory of it is patchy. 

I think this year I would spend most time at the smaller stages, have done various festivals but the size of Glasto has always put me off, feel I would be anxious about missing stuff happening half an hours walk away and never really relax.

I did 5 Glastonbury trips between 2000 and 2007 when the weather was so bad it put me off for good. It's a proper physical undertaking, used to have to take the following week off too.

One instinctively knew, after the excitement by the pseuds on here, over an artist no normal person has ever heard of, that Kendrick Lamar would be a black rapper 

I appreciate Kendrick Lamar's music, but not enough to go to watch him live. I get that he is talented in the same way I get how most classical music is incredibly skilful. 

Give me some madlib and doom. 

RIP doom indeed. 

On the other chap, madlib invades bluenote is, to my mind, the finest hip hop jazz album of all time. 

LOL @ roffers not knowing who KL is. No surprise there. This is a place that still gets hard over Britpop FFS.

Hahaha.  Very good Jack.

I like how good comedy seems to age better than a lot of music.

I was having some beers with some of the younger guys and talking to them about the tv and music they liked (lots of it I’ve never heard of).

But it turns out they still love Monty Python and South Park and can quote it. I was like ‘where are you guys watching this stuff!? How do you know this!?’

Bear in mind these are electrical engineers and programmers so they might be on the weird/geeky side….

I've never been as it's not really my thing 

But if I wanted to spend time with Tabithas and Tarquins I'd work in a law firm....ah.

The thing about City law firms is that there are relatively few Tabithas and Tarquins. Maybe a few at trainee or junior associate level, but by 4 year PQE either: (i) they've gone because the work is too much like hard work for them; or (ii) they've gone because they don't really need the money (not that anyone does, but you know what I mean); or (iii) they've turned into normal people. The idea that City law firms (never mind law firms generally) are full of Tabithas and Tarquins isn't even one that has much traction in popular consciousness.

Tarquin and Tabitha have set up an organic gin distillery in a far off county and are doing up their property and rewilding with it although it’s not clear how they could afford it…