Good place for breakfast in the City

Hawksmoor was always my go-to, but it's not doing breakfast at the moment.

Any decent recommendations? Ideally somewhere within 10 mins walk of Bank Station.

Thanks in advance,

Terry T Tate

Mercer used to do a decent breakfast but I haven't been since well before covid

Roast at Borough Market do a decent breakfast, maybe a bit more than a 10 minute walk though.

There's a Breakfast Club near Liverpool Street Station, they're always fun

There are always a few people in suits walking out of those Smithfield pubs at 8.30am. I doubt they've been working at the market all night.

The city Ivy does breakfast.  Closer to Bank there is Browns on Old Jewry 

Manicomio is the traditional place for all the bankers and traders I know.  A very good breakfast too. 

Beppe's on West Smithfield but further than 10 mins from Bank

why do people always recommend the Ivy? It is world reknown as chain designed to cater for wealthy people who have no real interest in food.

City Ivy breakfast in the conservatory on a sunny morning is lovely

AAMOI, how much would a full English cost in one of these City gaffs?

Recency Caff.  End of.  The woman who calls out the orders in the deepest baritone on earth should get lottery funding.

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