Investing a windfall

WWYD? Everything seems incredibly overvalued but holding cash also terrible 

There's a sell off going on right judging from my portfolio so wait a little and then start drip feeding into equities. Holding cash short term is fine.

would you like an nft of my 1,350 post thread?

We should etch it on a tablet and send it into space.

Pay off the mortgage if you are that scared. It's never a bad move though rarely the best move these days.



funnily enough I shown to have some magic beans for sale 

Pay off the mortgage if you are that scared.

Yeah this is not a bad thought.

Deere for robotised agriculture

Meta for the meta revolution 

AMD + nvidia for graphics

Do not pay off your mortgage, your debt devaluing offsets your savings devaluing


This old chestnut, your debt only devalues if your income goes up. Inflation itself does nothing to your mortgage.


My income is set by the glorious British state so unfortunately it’s only likely to fall vs inflation in the near term.

Obviously depends on the size of the windfall but an uninspiring but sensible mix of some unsexy equities, racier AIM or emerging markets stuff, bonds and gilts/gold/safe option of choice. 

If it’s a serious chunk of change get a student BTL and speak to a financial advisor to see if they know of any PE shop currently seeking investors (few smaller places have secondary funds aimed at retail type investors). 

Or bang it all into crypto and Nio shares. 

speak to a financial advisor to see if they know of any PE shop currently seeking investors (few smaller places have secondary funds aimed at retail type investors)

Interesting, didn’t know this existed.

Invest in yourself. Do an MBA and setup your own clinic. 

Nigerian prince who needs a bridging loan.

You can't time the market!


Invest in a index tracker. Easy.

assuming a few hundred k. 

Student BTL in Newcastle. You could even manage it yourself given you’ve got more predictable working times. 

Or clear your own mortgage which will give you a little pay rise each month effectively. 

PersonallyI’m quite risk averse financially so I’d clear down mortgage.

The crypto stuff there’s definitely lots of money to be made. current girlfriend does PR in the crypto-world and she knows I think it’s bullshit and she does too but she’s made a fair bit of money trading it.

I was a bit worried when she was talking to one of my friends about this who has his own property development business and is also about to get a windfall and he started getting excited by these things and even she said ‘don’t invest anything in crypto unless you’re prepared to lose all of it’. It’s gambling

Put in in your pension and forget about it until the day before you retire. 

Won’t be putting it in crypto (or at least not much of it)

Won’t be putting it in crypto 

I don’t need your dirty lefty money. 

Children are dying of preventable disease.

Give it to Charity. 


But the serious answer is that proffered by octoman, assuming it doesn't take you over the £40k allowance.  45% growth on day one.

No. No idea whether it ends up being a decent investment. But it's interesting.

I have an NHS pension. Might be worth getting my own provision

You obviously don't needs the dosh, so bang it in some high risk funds that invest in industries you like

I have quite a barrel of powder to employ myself as it goes. Not sure this is a nice problem to have. 

Does your mortgage provider offer and off-set account?  If in doubt put it in that and think about what to do with it at your lesuire (or just keep it for a rainy day, it's effectively a low-cost line of credit you can draw on entirely at your discretion) 

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