It’s 1985. There’s a jukebox and you want to create a mood.

‘cos the lady you’re sharing a drink with is softening and the mist of frisson is enveloping you. 
Billy Joel has just belted out some mellow and you have three choices to play for your pound coin. 
What are you playing?

That’s a fair shout Linda but it’s a bit more synthetic than authentic. More fake tits than real. You’ve still got two throws of the dice. 

Hello by Lionel Ritchie

I just called to say I love you by Stevie wonder 

Three times a lady by the commodores

Linda I’m very flattered you should say so but you’re onto the last throw of the dice. 

Ok. Same page. Do you know where Alison Moyet used to live by the way?

feed the world

then I stomp around shouting don't go to the fooking pub. give me your money


or maybe careless whisper

Sounds about right. Our kids were at school together. 

Cutting crew was 1986, so wouldn't be available in 1985

The cool kids had the live mix from 1985 before they recorded it in the studio.

Teardrop Explodes - Reward

Hazel O’Conner - will you

Phil Oakley - Electric Dreams

Also it’s 1985, I am Max putting 20p in for my 3 songs 

Well that 25p is going to get you Cliff Richard and Grandad we love you. 

ROFR you’ve just killed the mood stone dead after that sublime choice. 

My feet are freezing but I think that’s overstating things. 

Let’s Get it On = Marvin Gaye, not subtle but does the job.

Ah ha - Take on me.  

But seriously, having lived through it, the 80s was just horrible both for music and political events.  Few redeeming factors.

Who could miss Gorbachev becoming Soviet leader or the sinking of the Rainbow warrior.

And all the while just an hours drive away in the late 80s Fred West was doing his best.

Happy days. (not).

Errr Gorbachev was one of the best things about the 80s no? Have I missed something?

Soviet collapse would have happened without Gorbachev.

And we could have been spared other things.

Like "New Order" (gag).

Although maybe th[-at was self imposed; as my first "love" was listening to "Rush" and other such prog-rock we (I?)should all have been enlightened by.

I am still not enlightened....

Right but what was horrible about Gorbachev given you've listed him in your horrors of the 80s? 

Oh never mind. 

Well I was a happy observer of the fall of the Berlin wall.

But RR I guess we will have to disagree...

Bee Jees - Too Much Heaven

Sade  - Your love is king

Luther V - A House is not a Home

Back of the net…


RR you are clearly not a fan of.....




Eurythmics - Would I lie to you

Whitney Houston - Saving all my love for you

Paul Young - Everytime you go away

Sting - If you love somebody set them free

Starship - We built this city

And for extra vomit effect

Phil Collins - One more night.


If you suffered your youth through the above dross then I salute you.

Clearly RR knows nothing of this.

we can go onto politics if you want (I do have an answer to your question) but the OP is "jukebox"

Sorry I diverted.

Great reply. 


A bit of proponent of Gorbachev?


Sade is a great shout Marshall.

It all started with Billy Joel, 'You're always a woman'.

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