ladies of rof - a question about pants

comfy shorts-style pants that are indeed pants (not pyjamas) but which you could kind of wear in hot temperatures as bottoms on their own indoors

where would you get these please? 

M&S has bupkiss

Like tiny hot pants or french knickers type shorts? 

pass in either case, I wear massive comfy granny pants from m&s

sort of like tiny hotpants but maybe not that tiny? like, the kind of thing you could wear with a long tshirt in hot weather and not feel like you were horrifying family members 

maybe this is unrealistic

I have not, starrers, thank you will take a gander

also uni qlo do light comfy shorts that won't break the bank

Mine of from M&S, but they don’t seem to do them anymore 

I thought M&S would be a winner, pheebz, but they have definitely ended the line!

uniqlo is a gr8 shout, kimmy, cheerz I will look

my 14 yr old gets hers from brandy melville. I'm not sure they're aimed at the aged over 15s though.

actually isn't this the very thing that Vic Secret / Pink are intended for?

tip for the menfolk - buy pants one size larger than you think. More comfortable generally and if it shrinks in the dryer you're still good

heh was @ canadian and his tricksy "tip" 

thanks ladies I will look 

O I c you want actual pants 

gap body is what you need - they do lovely short things - I think they’re actually called shorties 


Is Clergs really planning to go outside in her undercrackers?