Meatloaf has died


udy Carter21 Jan 22 08:11

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I wouldn’t do that, Spurious 


I was going to say that. Damn you Judy. You took the words right out of my mouth.

I usually h8 whatsisface but that interview is brilliant. Meat knows the score from the off and plays along brilliantly. 

He’d been physically unwell for a very long time, pretty broke, as well as in variable mental health for most of his life, so most of the gags are in very poor taste. Classic rof. 

And, faod, if ever there was a night to be giving your neighbours the benefit of some Meat and Jim, tonight is that night. Oh and some Todd and Roy et al. Can’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t understand the power of a drive-in movie, the dream of teen, oh yes. 

Sad, although 74 is actually not a bad innings for someone who lived like he did.I once went to a funeral where the coffin went out to Bat out of Hell. It's apparently a fairly popular choice.  I wonder if they will play it at his.