Music that you listen to on repeat

We probably all have a few that we know or hear and instantly have to identify to hear again.

I profess no musical prowess, so it's nothing technical that wows me, just the sheer pleasure of the sound

Some of those currently on my re-play list are 

Piano Man, Billy Joel

Take me to Church, Hosier

Empire States of Mind Alicia Keys

Adagio for Strings, Barber

Suggestions for wider listening please?


Massive Attack Tear Drop late at night with the lights off.

I've got stuck listening to Black Hole by Griff and 4th Day Prayer by Allison Russell on repeat quite a lot recently...

The former is a really catchy upbeat broken heart song and the latter is a very moving backbeat broken life song.


I'm listening to 4th day prayer now again and it makes me shudder

Your prefer Alicia Key's fùcking masterpiece diluted by that 🔔 end? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR fookING MIND?

Anastacia - One Day In Your Life and Not That Kind. Anything by the Sprock Goddess tbf

The Wedding Present - Kennedy 

Ride - OX4


Amanda Seyfried Gimme Gimme a Man ABBA cover from Mamma Mia.

Also I can listen to The Best is Yet to Come by Mike and the Mechanics quite a lot. 

I would have that as compulsory sarcastic walk off music at the end of everyboddy's  360* review if possible.

Just tried them both Amithe, but not adding them to my list. Thank you nonentheless



Buzz.16 Nov 21 20:58

Reply | 


Your prefer Alicia Key's fùcking masterpiece diluted by that 🔔 end? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR fookING MIND?


Well we agree on something, courtesy of Alicia, but I cant warm to your suggestions.


They help me understand why Addagio for Strings isnt for you. What do you take to help you listen to that Wedding Present shite? After 30 seconds I need a paracetamol

Did I say Adagio for Strings wasn't for me? Nope. On the contrary. I suppose like many of those born in the 70s first intro to it was it's use in Platoon. Utterly transfixed from that moment. 

If only one:

Arthur McBride - Andy Irvine


Then in no particular order:

You Ain't the Problem - Michael Kiwanuka

Thinking Bout You - Frank Ocean

Cello Concerto in E Minor (Adagio) - Elgar

Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys

Queen Bitch - David Bowie

Freed From Desire - Gala

Incredible - General Levy



Oh and Largo el Factotum from Barber of Seville



If we can do whole albums-

taylor swift - evermore/folklore

meshell ndegeocello - bitter / plantation lullabies / the Nina Simone covers one

billy Joel - an innocent man

Tracy Chapman - the first album

tricky - maxinquaye

Bleeding Heart Show - The New Pornographers

Leave This Island - Maximo Park

Diamonds - The Boxer Rebellion 

Fosco, I fear I will never quite understand Arthur McBride and the next two don't do it for me either, but simply watching never mind listening to Sheku Kanneh-Mason was fascinating.


64 million watches for Psycho Killer, but it will only be the one for me.


I fear the issue is that i want to simply listen. I'm not convinced I need to understand, especially general levy



Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp

Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty

Physical (You're So) - Nine Inch Nails



This is what I was waiting for. Even the youtube comments are worth reading.

It reminds me of that classic'

'I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves, get on your nerves'.

Goodbye Stranger - Supertramp.

Yes, on another day, that could qualify. Saw them in concert, what seems like a million years ago

For something different,  try Brian McBride, overture for other halfs.

Was the most repeated piece of music in the weird and wonderful Adam Curtis series "can't get you out of my head".

Prevu, Pas Prevu by Milk Coffee and Sugar

Jilted John by Jilted John

Zadie Bobo by Ernesto Djedje

Alkoholik by XZibit


I could listen to norman fcuking rockwell by lana del rey over and over again or carrie and lowell by sufijan stevens 

Keith Jarrett, Koln Concert Part 1

Alanis Morrissette, Perfect 

Snow Patrol, Just Say Yes

Max Richter, Four Seasons Remixed, track 2

Lene Marlin, The Way We Are

The Coronas and Gabrielle Aplin, Lost in the Thick of It

The Blaze, Octavian, Somewhere

Jon Hopkins, Luminous Spaces

I listened to folklore and evermore a fair amount over the last year too.

I've had the compete Haydn symphonies on my daily playlist for the past four years. It will take me longer to listen to them properly than he took writing them. 

Mostly coldplay, partially to annoy you guys but also because I actually like Coldplay

Mole5, thank you. I'm working through those and it's an easy on the ear start.

SirW, yes, on another day definitely Coldplay.

I think there's a correlation between angry people and the 'noise' they need to listen to.

Some of the suggestions above I had to turn off within seconds.

Laz, Coldplay isn't actually bad, just very very anodyne.

Border Song by Aretha Franklin.

Dylan, Just Like a Woman

Alan Parsons, Prime Time

S Club Party (can't remember the name of the band)

My current one is: Angelica - Teenage Girl Crush

Love a bit of girl punk.

If you skip over Perfect, Fairground Attraction's First of a Million Kisses album is one worth hearing again.


I - like any self-respecting and, dare I say it, successful lawyer - have a degree of OCD

When I buy a new album I listen to it relentlessly until I am generally familiar with the material

I am currently listening a lot to Bruckner's 9th and Miles Davies' In a Silent Way (the one immediately before Bitches Brew), but I don't think either is of the kind that people would put on a loop

Once I am familiar with an album I will often skip the songs I like the most - I want them to stay fresh and enjoyable for longer 

The albums that I am familiar with that I have listened to the most in recent times (gym, car, out and about walking) are Honey by Robyn and the latest Tame Impala album (can't remember the title) 

What a complete stack of hopeless shite (with a couple of exceptions).

You all need to get over to the Appetite for Destruction thread.

Honey by Robyn is a great shout. Would go to a club that just played that on repeat all night. 

  • Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera.
  • Iron Maiden - Hallowed be thy Name.
  • Morbid Angel - Visions from the Dark Side.
  • Venom - In League with Satan.
  • Gary Glitter - Rock n Roll Part 2.
  • Saxon - Dragon's Lair.
  • Slayer - Behind the Crooked Cross.

MissorMs - yes!  What do you think of Gwen Stefani's cover?

Some... thought-provoking choices on show here.  Agree with some, intrigued by some others, laughing at a few.

For myself:

  • The first time I stumbled across Mr Jones by the Counting Crows I listened to it about 10 times on the bounce.  Not quite in that same bracket now for me, but still very much repeatable.
  • Spirit of Radio by Rush - about 4 songs in 1.
  • Still not bored of Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine.  (Most of that album is on regular rotation, tbf, but especially that track.)
  • Comeback Kid (That's My Dog) by Brett Dennen gets a repeat (and a big grin) every time.
  • Dancing by Kylie Minogue.  Just cos.
  • Disorder by Slayer and Ice-T when I need to vent or wig out a bit - just keeps building.


Lawperson- Its good but I prefer the original version preferably with the video playing too. 

Golden Brown, I'm not in love and Gabriel's Oboe.

  • Ice T has a metal band.
  • Body Count.
  • They're fairly good.
  • Did some good Motorhead and Slayr covers too.

Lawyers, Guns and Money (Warren Zevron) - one of the few songs with lawyers in a good light.

recently I had a phase of listening to shostakovich's piano concertos on repeat

good lord I LOATHE that counting crows song. And CC generally. Next you'll tell me that you really love Train.

Pink Floyd WYWH and DSOTM back to back on repeat 

Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka has been my tune of 2021. Full version with all the guitar intro. Love it.


fook em and their law -Prodigy 

Angel of destruction- The The

on the turning away - Pink Floyd

Somewhere down the crazy river-RobbieRobertson

Ч.П.Х. - Leningrad

La Mer - Julio Igelesias

Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar -Meccano (Spanish version of the Human league)



Mole, that John Hopkins one is a fooking superb tune. I rate highly.

Seventeen Going Under by Sam Fender at the moment. On constant repeat. Reminds me of growing up. 

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