National heroes that have lost their lustre

Shearer. Beady eyed aunt.

Everyone my grandparents were taught to revere in history lessons - Robert the Bruce, William Wallace, all of the militarily successful English warrior kings, George Washington. 

Rolf Harris. Still shocked by his downfall.


Lenny Henry. Used to be quite funny before he disappeared up his own arse. 


John Cleese. Stupid gammony brexit moron whinging about everything from the safety of his home abroad. 

Lineker thing was weird 

Claiming he shouldn't have been racially abused as he was 'as English as they come' 


Great story 😆 what a ledge  


though the reference to Michael Caine reminded me: Michael Caine is a stupid brexit khunt n all

Gazza is an absolute ledge. He used to grope Les Ferdinand's boingy lever for luck before each England game.