new series of Location, Location, Location. It hasn't been done for a while but Episode 2 focuses on two couples looking in Bristol

Average property price is apparently 312k, and a couple moving from Stoke Newington want a 2 bed place for 250k.

Most Londoners /south east folk , who want more bang for their buck , look at Clifton, Cotham, Redland. £312k in those or most any areas in Brizzle, seems extremely skinny. I assumed the property prices in Bristol according to Right move are significantly more. Be interested to hear what Proboner and others say.

Abour time this was back. Hopefully they'll bother to do an entire series this time, rather than revisiting stuff they dod before.

Brizzle dont come cheap though. I lived there a few years back and prices were already at 500k for a decent 4 bed terraced.

I don’t usually watch it but always interesting to see your home town.

£312k won’t buy you very much in Clifton/Redland/Cotham these days. We sold a two bed flat in Clifton seven years ago for £350k and I expect that will be well north of £400k by now.

Our current house (just outside Bristol) has increased by 70% since we bought it seven years ago.

Eddie, a 4 bed terrace for 400k, this must have been decades ago. I lived there (Uni) for 3 years, and I thought then and definitley think now Bristol, or certain parts of it are more or as expensive as desiriable places in London/south east. Think 1 bed flats north of 350k

Why is it always Bristol? I look forward to the episode that starts “Toby and Harriet are newlyweds from Clapham who want a slower pace of life and more affordable property but still with good transport links back to the capital, where they both work creating digital media for miniature schnauzers, so today we’re here in Doncaster”. 

Bristol’s more photogenic maybe?

Lolling at Kirsty: “A quarter of a million pounds, it’s a HUGE amount of money.” Er, no it’s not. And for that amount she’s not even looking in Bristol.

A good 2-bed flat in Clifton or Redland is now north of 500k. Albeit much larger than in London and way more grandeur. 

Yeah I don't get Bristol. I'm assuming it's a combination of those who perceive it to be robustly middle class (probably in a way which isn't my cup of tea) and/or those with family and friends in Wales.  Something like that anyway. 

I think it appeals because Bristol is more like London than any other city in having leafy Georgian Hampsteady suburbs and trendy East London like areas, a good food and entertainment scene, but is cheaper and closer to the west country.  The weird thing about bristol though is while it has great areas the centre itself is, a street or two aside, a complete mess thanks to the Luftwaffe and Bristol City Council.

What I find more inexplicable is it now seems to be the rule that every english drama is now filmed in Bristol.   Must be a good time for actors with Bristolian accents...

Quite a big film and TV industry based in Bristol so all the relevant skills are easily on hand - Aardman, BBC natural history unit and other big BBC productions plus independent studios making the likes of Crystal Maze and Tipping Point.

Seems only fairly average in respect of being connected to what's around it really. It's two hours from there to the South Coast for example, which considering it's a city in the South, is a long way. On the other hand it is close to the Severn Estuary, so there's water not far away. On Wales, it's a great location for access there, but nonetheless driving beyond Swansea will still take you a while, particularly is there's traffic (traffic will easily mess with trips to the South West too). 

On the other hand it is close to the Severn Estuary, so there's water not far away

Come for the mud, stay for the bore?

Paddington now only just over an hour away from Parkway. Makes commuting more viable, just at the time everybody has of course decided to WFH. Plus you need to sell a kidney to be able to afford a day return. 

If you live in BS6 or 8, as all self-respecting ROFers surely would, you are literally a bridge away from open countryside.

Presumably BS6 or 8 are spenny, so do you get the space which you should for the money?  The answer to that I'm afraid, is no doubt no

Bristol prices are now officially stupid, and I am saying that as someone who has benefitted.

They are not London or Surrey stupid, but then again you don't get paid as much here.

Londoners moving across and keeping their weighting may be pleasantly surprised, but for most people, it's as bad as Bath, but without the Bridgerton effect.

Or BS9 (Stoke Bishop/Sneyd Park/Westbury-on-Trym). There’s a Twitter account called BS9 Mums which says it all really. I’m not really interested in living in the ‘burbs.

Used to live in Clifton village which was great pre-kids but the parking is atrocious and you won’t get a garden unless you are properly minted.

Indeed St John , however prices are London and Surrey levels and only going one way. As you say officially stupid. 1 bed flats 350 upwards 

Clifton is much better now with the residents' parking zones.

BS9 is where middle aged lawyers go to spawn. SB and SP officially dry of course, so you need to head north or east for a pint. And the wrong side of the Downs.

Used to live in Clifton village which was great pre-kids but the parking is atrocious and you won’t get a garden unless you are properly minted.

Surely goes without saying that every rofer is bossing at least half a lion?

Yup, thinking about our partnership only one actually lives in Bristol and a couple of junior lawyers.

South Wales is quite popular as you get way more house for your buck there.

Is that Bedminster? (Actually south of the river.) Neither of the couples could actually afford Bedminster.

Was surprised the young couple plumped for Knowle in the end, I would have gone for St George.

The two women ended up in Clevedon, FFS. (Purchase fell through in the end.) That's like saying:

"Where do you want to live?"


"OK, how about this house in Crawley?"

If you live in BS6 or 8, as all self-respecting ROFers surely would, you are literally a bridge away from open countryside.

open countryside?! Think we’ve found one of the planners for Russia’s invasion!

Grew up near Clevedon.   It is a funny town, the bit on the hill is actually quite nice - Clifton-on-sea, handsome Victorian houses, lovely views,  a high street with all middle middle class requirements present and correct.    The bit at the bottom of the hill, including the centre is an absolute dive.  There is a corresponding house price divide…

I quite like Clevedon, which feels like a proper quaint seaside town. I actually prefer it to Portishead which has been massively over-developed, especially the god-awful area around the marina.

It puzzles me why Portishead is so hugely popular with people, getting in and out at rush hour is a nightmare.

I've heard Portishead described as a place for "newlyweds and nearly deads".

Clevedon does seem quainter, but I've never been away from the sea-front. Not sure what the centre is like? I would be concerned that it was too dull a place generally.

Portishead has deffo changed a lot since I was young- but the lake grounds have a nice old fashioned feel to them still and the Victorian high street is fine.   I think the marina development is quite well done, and is quite buzzy on a summers day,    The town has grown out of all proportion with its transport infrastructure though

@BS I don’t think they new Bristol it was a compromise between the two of them. Coming from London they probably thought 250 k in Bristol would be easy. They soon discovered otherwise.

The area immediately around the marina is OK, it's all the tens of thousands of houses crammed into the surrounding areas that are just suffocatingly claustrophobic.

I watched it, gives rather a false impression of clevedon, the dial hill part of town featured is lovely but that is an enclave on the hill, most of the town is quite grim.  

It’s still affordable in the Bristol district, especially around Bristol park and Bristol Avenue. Bristol restaurant is there too. It’s great.