Newcastle United Football Club

Are about to become richer than all of the 19 current Premier League clubs combined. 

And Saudi can put political pressure on Abu Dhabi for favours. 

Am looking forward to it. When Toon spend a literal billion to buy the League, the squealing from the reputation washers will be beautiful to behold. I bet that, strangely, they will suddenly convert to proper regulation. 

It’s nothing more than sportswashing. Shouldn’t be allowed. Is FFP even a thing anymore?

Although as UTD have found, spending the most $$$$$ doesn’t guarantee success- you have to do it The Right Way.

Still, this takeover should surely be prevented from going through on the grounds of human rights.

Newcastlol will find a way to cock this up by spending billions and still not winning the champions league. 

@Tom, so what City and Chelsea did? And there's nothing in the PL's ownership test that assesses morality (or lack of it). 

Oh, and the Saudi state isn't buying the club. 

And no, FFP isn't a thing. It's been suspended since 2020. 

The toon will f I this up and be the richest club in the championship 

Also it is always a shame when that c—t Ashley gets more wonga

Clearly football clubs shouldn't be used for sports washing.

But if we are going to accept one homophobic sexist human rights abusing regime, we clearly have to accept them all (or rather none at all).

That aside, a club like Newcastle with its history, fan base and general reputation added to a colossal budget will be ridiculous.

Expect them to win UCL before citeh ever do.

Muto m7, I am being arch. I’m a city fan. I welcome Newcastle’s return to the big time to join the other historic working class big city clubs- Man City, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

(Just including them to trigger the UTD fans, scep)

Chelsea are a working class club. They also have the most racist fans per capita of any PL team. Hth

Chelsea were never working class.  They were founded by millionaires to play in their brand-new stadium and bought a League place by buying in a load of expensive players.  As a fresh club they were solidly aimed at the middle-classes who had not latched onto Fulham or Spurs or Brentford.

Have you been to the bridge? It's like a white van man convention. 

The most recent encounter I had with a load of Chelsea fans was in a pub on the south coast when they were at home.  It was not comfortable given their sort of Julius Streicher mentality and intelligence.  I felt it not worth mentioning that if they were real fans then they'd be down the Bridge, because I value having limbs. 

The worst racism I have heard is at the bridge.

It's generally not a very nice stadium as well.

Once had a beer with John Terry in the corporate box. Would not recommend.

Yaaay millions of pounds of blood money straight into Mike Ashley's pockets.  What a day for the game.

Any chance the Saudis will pay for the stupidly small side of St James' park to be developed to match the bid side?  Always bugs me.

They would fill it so it makes sense to increase capacity if they can.


Just a reminder that citeh are decreasing their capacity. 



They will be the richest club in the championship 

From the bbc:

’It has been unclear if alleged piracy or alleged human rights abuses by Saudi Arabia were the central issue, but they have been rendered immaterial now that PIF is regarded as a different entity’

Hmmm yes that is quite the mystery. I wonder which it could be.

‘That is despite Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also being chair of PIF and being accused of ordering the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which the Kingdom's leader denies.’

Ah that was probably the central issue then.

‘The breakthrough in the takeover coincides with news that came earlier on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia will cease showing Premier League and other football matches illegally via beoutQ and lift its four-and-a-half year ban on showing beIN Sports.’


Two clubs bankrolled by blood-stained, corrupt little aunts was bad enough.  I may give up on football altogether once Klopp leaves Liverpool.  What's the point?  Who cares whether Russian blood money FC, Saudi blood money FC or Abu Dhabi blood money FC win the PL or whether any of them can beat Qatar blood money FC to the CL?

I can see why Toon fans will get excited in the short term, but the novelty will soon wear off.  Man City don't even fill their ground for every CL home game. 

Yes, if only every club had Livarpool’s unblemished track record.

I don't blame City fans for what's happened to their club or have a problem with City fans, I just think it's really sad what has become of what was once a proper club with a fine history and a great fanbase.  They play amazing football, but it's all a bit pointless.  Like playing Football Manager with the cheats on. 

Where I criticize Man City fans is that for years they complained about big-spending clubs and wanted financial caps. And as soon as they get money, suddenly spending caps are unfair. Class traitors. 

wot tomlinorder sed

liverpool got the country banned from europe for years, damaging the clubs who would have had success in that time

lol at moaning about mansitty financial doping 

*newsflash* every football club with a modicum of success has done it.

manyoo? doped to the max from the late 80s onwards

blackburn ‘95? doped

arsenal? fortunes spent

barcelona? doped beyond belief and has la liga rigged for them

“but but but leicester!!!” i hear u squeal. er, sorry, no, leicester employed massive financial doping to get promoted and onwards. don’t get me wrong, still an amazing achievement to have won the league when competing against even bigger, more sustained, financial dopers. but doped leicester were

so ne1 who is whining about football being completely in thrall to money must have ducked at least 50 years

even wigan athletic and their monumental league cup: doped by whelan

good on him, tbf

liverpool got the country banned from europe for years, damaging the clubs who would have had success in that time

Completely irrelevant to what we are discussing.  

Delphi seems to be confusing getting money from a big fan base and getting money from a human rights abuser.

Wimbledon entered the Football League in 1977, won the FA Cup in 1988, stayed in the top half of the Premier League for nearly a decade, and then when the football establishment sold them down the river in 2001, the fans formed a new club that started at the bottom rung and secured 6 promotions in 14 years to get into League One.  None of that with any financial backing to speak of at all.  I guess you could say that the fact they are now pretty consistently towards the bottom end of League One suggests that lower down in the third tier of English football is pretty much the ceiling for that kind of self-sustaining approach, which perhaps proves the point of the thread. 

Space cadet think Wimbledon will at least have a good job at getting in championship. Nice new stadium just built. Very impressive achievement.

Wimbledon prove the point on a different way. That’s how far you can get with crowds in the four figures. Because of the financial doping higher up. There’s enough money in the game to keep everyone solvent and competitive but as soon as someone puts in unearned money the entire market is distorted anti-competively. 

@Threepwood frustratingly the small stand can't be extended at SJP as there are listed buildings behind it.

I hate to say this but....

I agree with Asimov. 

Have a nice, long hot shower and you will feel better. 

‘frustratingly the small stand can't be extended at SJP as there are listed buildings behind it.‘

I wish Newcastle all the best but I’m surprised the issue of the ground didn’t put the Saudis off when compared to, say, Everton.

Suspect that as well as Sheik Mansour spending many a rainy Saturday afternoon stood on the kippax and giving it to the away fans, the ready made new ground and potential for development of the surrounding area played some mall part in his purchase.

There is no issue of the ground when compared to, say, Everton.

If you had enough money you could shift SJP fifty yards to the west and double the size of the Milburn stand, and extent the Gallowgate over the road.

Moreover, Everton's plan is what? To move ground. Newcastle could move ground. I don't think we can sell SJP given that it is leased to us by the freemen of the city, but that's hardly going to be an issue in a city where land in the beltway is virtually being given away, and the chairman is richer than God.

Also, *I* agree with Asimov that it would be much better if murderous reputation-launderers weren't allowed to own football clubs and distort the game with their ludicrous riches.

However, fvck everyone else having their odious slavemasters grandfathered in while everyone else gets shut out in the cold. Like FFP, which is hopefully dead for good. I'd have no problem with the Saudis being told we didn't want them owning Newcastle, provided the Mansours get kicked out of City and Abramovich gets kicked out of Chelsea, and the Qataris our of PSG. Just like FFP would be fine if it actually did anything to constrain, say, the lavish Castillo-corporate nepotism that keeps Real Madrid CF afloat.

Also, I find it rather odd that we will sell a man missiles and warplanes, but won't let him own a football team in our country.

Here, please do have these vicious instruments of death and some cutting-edge jet powered raptors to deliver them with, so long as you don't help the Geordies win anything. Er do go fvck yourself.

I assume this was part of the reason why Barca, madrid, UTD, Liverpool and juve tried to break away with the ESL. One cosy little cartel had been closed down so they needed another one.

The main reason was that several of the clubs; especially Barca, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter and Spurs had huge debts and needed the money Tom.  But for sure (and I speak as a Liverpool fan here) the super league idea was down to trying to protect the historically big clubs from the newer money clubs (on one view) or challenger clubs (on another).

Newcastle could make the jump given FFP is in effect suspended to the top level in the way City did in my view.  They have (at least) the same size history and potential.  They are also a regional club and it's a bloody big region and can draw from pretty much Leeds up to Edinburgh.  They have national and international support as well but they don't have local challenger clubs of a similar size (I have a soft spot for Sunderland but they clearly don't count in the business side of the discussion) for more or less 100 miles in any direction (unlike either of the Scouse or Manc clubs or the London clubs).

The other club someone may be able to buy relatively cheap to grow like that quickly (though the ground is far more an issue there) is Leeds; again a regional as much as city club.

Newcastle has a large fan base but thats about it, like Sunderland that is because there is not much to do in Tyne and Wear and sense of purpose and identity comes from football.  It has no real basis for ongoing corporate or international revenue.

I dont care how much money you pour into it it is a small town provincial club that nobody else in the world has heard of and always will be.  It is conceivable it could do a Blackburn with a rich owner for a season or two but will then inevitably sink back.

What’s that you say? Football overrun by dirty foreign money? Well I never. 

"Have a nice, long hot shower and you will feel better"


Also heh at chippy citeh fans realising their one advantage - cash - is about to be bettered by a proper football club. 

As Laz says, the idea of changing fit and proper test now, without sending citeh back to league one and Chelsea back to Europa League, is ridiculous.

All morally abhorrent. All have no place in the game.

BST- yes, I largely agree with that. Good to have a sensible Lpool or UTD fan on here.

newcastle is as important a centre for sport, social and economic activity as manchester or liverpool

newcastle is a huge club and a tremendously attractive acquisition for someone with the resources to make a pitch for european dominance, the last potentially world class football club in the world’s biggest football market still to be owned by a total joker. And don’t say Weat Ham fgs. I mean West Ham, LOL Blackburn? Give over you absolute gaper.. Watch us go.

Newcastle is a party city with certainly a European reputation for that, and also some historic support from the days of Keegan's entertainers Guy.  Yes it's not London of course in terms of global reputation nor does it have the global reputation for football Liverpool and Manchester have.  But it's certainly not a provincial mill town like Blackburn in terms of potential to grow.

Lots of Liverpool (and United) fans are sensible and level headed Tom; but often still more so with phone in culture and social media we understandably all get tarred with the same brush as the loud mouth cocky jokers who support the clubs.

Newcastle would fill a stadium of 100,000 every other week if the chairman wasn’t a total vadge. The only other english club who could plausibly say that are United.

blackburn were last a big club in 1888

The NUFC/Blackburn comparison is plainly laughable Laz.  As I've said you easily can become a top 5 or 6 club.  However if you are saying you are bigger potentially than Liverpool totally disagree.  Liverpool have a huge amount of international/European/global support in terms of ability to sell tickets.  Not as much as United perhaps but way ahead of any other English club.  It would take a long time to build that up.

I don’t think we are bigger than Liverpool, nor likely to be; although they weren’t an especially big club before about 1960, so in the long long term who knows.

Heh at Newcastle being as an important economic and sporting centre as Manchester -dream the fvck on.

I dont care if you could get 100,000 fans every week.  Big clubs dont make most of their revenue from admission money to standard seats.   Newcastle has limited potential because it is not in an economically strong city and does not have global appeal, its geography is also likely to put off the best players.

If you look at the truly huge clubs across europe they are all well established big city clubs, yes small town provincials may have a year or two in the sun but they all sink back.


I accept NUFC is bigger than Blackburn but I think the comparison is valid, yes a sugar daddy (or sugar country) could pump money in and win some trophies but it is not sustainable in the long term.


not relevant but people from Newcastle appear to be so much nicer than people from Manchester

Guy, m88, no offence to you generally as a human being but you are a parochial southerner to your little tartan golf socks, resentful or scornful of all that is great about the north. Newcastle is a powerhouse club. End of.

Clubs also don’t make their money from being in “economically strong citites”. Local sponsorship and match day revenue are fooking irrelevant to a game whose revenues are entirely about global media. You make money by spending lots of it to win trophies; but more importantly, nobody cares about making money in football and very few successful clubs make much of it; Madrid, Barca and PSG all make massive losses; football is about how much you spend not how much you bring in. Being located in Manchester is, for instance, completely fooking irrelevant to City’s success.

Manchester’s a joke shop town. Newcastle is a cultural capital. Football is a religion there.

Face it m7, Newcastle is never going to be global giant of a football club, it is not even going to be a top 5 club in England for any sustained period,  if you accept that you will be happier in the long run.   On the bright side the odd promotion campaign from the championship is actually great fun that dull mid table sides dont get to enjoy.

Nah unlucky sun, we've had too long being denied our rightful place in the elite, if you want a true backwater joke shop club that have proven everything you say wrong, look at City. You sit down and have a nice pint of mild now and watch us win five champions' leagues on the bounce AWOOOOOGAH AWOOOOOGAH

Face it, the South: no Southern football club will ever properly be big. Places like Newcastle are where football is from.

Nine figure investment in the pipeline! Eat shit, football world, we gonna buy u

I like Newcastle, but by god if they manage to get relegated this year I will quite literally die of laughter




Don’t assume that because they’re owned by PIF that they’ll be spending big.

plenty of clubs have been bought by wealthy owners and not spent beyond the clubs income

It’s not a plaything for the royals so don’t expect them to be competing for the best players in the world any time soon


happy to be proven wrong 

Oh well I am pleased the Premier League has received legally binding assurances that the barcodes won't be controlled by the KSA state.  I'm sure that's watertight.

This is going to be so comical though - Newcastle is so cursed and sh1t they're gonna spend £1bn to be something like Everton and win the Rumbelows cup or summit.

Nine figure investment

So 100m or so?

Doesn't buy you much these days does it? One of neymars legs or an mbappe thigh?



Roy Keane with Paolo de Canio his deputy, slated to be appointed to apply the whip to these Northern jessies 

I assume this was part of the reason why Barca, madrid, UTD, Liverpool and juve tried to break away with the ESL. One cosy little cartel had been closed down so they needed another one

City were onboard with the ESL too.

I agree with everything Laz has said here. He’s nailed it all to be fair. 

Tom has been pretending citheh had nowt to do with the ESL and it's quite cute really. 

Oh and £300m is a fooking bargain for Newcastle given the potential. Surprised Ashley didn’t drive a harder bargain. 

Have a horrible feeling they will try and buy Salah given he is by far the best and most high-profile Muslim footballer. 

Davos202107 Oct 21 06:51 Reply|  Report

Delphi seems to be confusing getting money from a big fan base and getting money from a human rights abuser.

u seem to have misread my post then

my quibble is with the idea that any successful club in the last few decades, eg, manyoo, got their money from a big fan base alone. sure, manyoo do now. but they were bankrolled from 1989 and into the early 90s, big time. they bought success (though it took several years) and ultimately league position, cemented it with an incredible manager and then it became self-sustaining. but that’s true of chelsea now, even mansitty r close. the point is all clubs were bankrolled into success at some point, so that’s the way of it. ie the only way to success is a big spender funding it over time at least initially

i don’t disagree that there r some better owners to be bankrolled by than others, tho. but that’s a morality q, not a structural point as to the only way to be successful in english professional football competitions

I had no idea St James Park had a football ground. 

You do indeed learn something new every day 

Davos202107 Oct 21 20:08



Utter tosh. Hth.

it doesn’t help, tbh. not even a bit. wot bit is tosh? given everything i wrote is absolutely accur7, without the precision of an explanation for ur implication it is tosh, and y, it doesn’t help me explain y u r wrong. so plz be more helpful, as demonstr7ed ur previous lacked ne helpfulness at all despite ur expression of hope

hope u still hope to help

Oracle taking Davos back to school on this thread.

love to see it tbh

RR- city joined the ESL to troll the #cartel. Let them think City were in, then pulled down the whole pack of cards. Barca/madrid/juve utterly cucked. HTH.

I think pre premier league 85% of revenue was match day attendance stuff. bet that is 5% now

Biiig lols at city being close to self sufficient. Must be why so much of their sponsorship comes from Abu Dhabi, they just happened to come out on top of each competitive bid process conducted entirely on the open market. For the stadium, the main shirt, the training gear, the team coach, the training cones, the dinner ladies’ hats, etc etc. 

I know threepwood - I could hardly believe it myself. I think they did it all again to be sure, but blow me if it didn’t come out the same way.

Iirc the rules of association football (and the association itself) were drawn up in the Freemasons arms near Covent Garden.

I think the first recorded game is somewhere in Wiltshire in the 1200s (tho the Chinese lay claim 3000 years ago)

Trevor07 Oct 21 20:12

Reply | 


I had no idea St James Park had a football ground. 

You do indeed learn something new every day 



Yes.  Exeter City FC play there. 

Wang's Upon a Time07 Oct 21 21:04

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Iirc the rules of association football (and the association itself) were drawn up in the Freemasons arms near Covent Garden.

I think the first recorded game is somewhere in Wiltshire in the 1200s (tho the Chinese lay claim 3000 years ago)


The Chinese lay claim to pretty much everything and everywhere these days, Wangsta. 

Unithehd were getting 60k+ in the 1960s.

That paid for the players.

Just a reminder that Citeh struggle to get 35k at UCL games in 2021.

This is how sportswashing works.

City were getting 84k in the 1930s. UTD’s highest ever attendance is at City’s ground. HTH.

Citeh didn't exist before 2008.

And won't after a couple of transfer windows.

Feel sorry for you m7. Come back to the working class heroes. Salford Reds.





Davos202107 Oct 21 21:48 ReplyReport

Unithehd were getting 60k+ in the 1960s.

That paid for the players.

sure, but it didn’t cover the massive spending in relative terms of 1989-1992 until the real branding drive


very because they are owned by the PIF, they will be spending big


as big as Man City or PSG? No idea. Hundreds of millions over two or three seasons, more than Mike Ashley by an order of magnitude? Locked on.