Nintendo switch

Does anyone with young kids have one. What sort of age is the youngest that can cope with this type of thing m7s? Age 6?

thinking about getting one for family console fun but don’t want them to not get anything out of it. 

Our boy had one from about 6.5 onwards. He has a Mario cart game and another called animal crossing. He loves it. 

Family fun will last til NY and then your child will disappear except for meal times.  Which is great.

Tbf the chances of your six year old being able to spank you at mariokart by xmas are pretty much 1

Tbf the chances of your six year old being able to spank you at mariokart by xmas are pretty much 1

got it.  Had it from age 6.  ditto animal crossing and mario kart. Constantly used.

Bought Zelda, minecraft and Mario world - they NEVER get played.

yeah, but not used either.  they're just holders for the controllers (I thought they were active - i.e. responded to movement - they don't)


Depends on the game, but 6 is old enough for most things. Complex Zelda combat was out of the question at 6, but that's when I get handed the thing.

Jelly, re Minecraft is that 'cos they don't play it or because they prefer playing it on another device?   (Our 8 yr olds love Minecraft and will be getting a Switch for Crimbo.)


On a related but more important note, are there any Switch games worth getting for an adult?  (Assume the House Boss does not permit any other games consoles.)

They have it on tablets - but thought they could craft together on switch and that's not the case.

Loads of good games for adults. Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and Metroid Dread are standouts. 

6 year-olds can definitely cope with Mario Kart and will love it, Nintendo know what they're doing with these games. 

do you mean "adult"?  Like Yoshi-fookfest2000?

I don't much bother - occasionally do Mario World.



so the best games to kick off with would be 

Mario kart

animal crossing

any others - the Lego ones?

Same as Betty and Jelly, 2 kids enjoying animal crossing and mario kart so far. Bit of a learning curve for nearly 6 year old but still enjoys.

I would have thought the only issue with a Switch in terms of family fun is that it is portable so the child will consider that they own it, and is more likely to go off and play it themselves than engage with others through it. 

Also Mario Party.

Our just turned 8 year old can beat everyone at the dancing ones (which is helpful as she gets a bit bored of being left in the dust by older sibling in Mario Karts)

I think it’ll  be my Christmas present that I’ll let them use to avoid the issues of constant use - as it feels mean to buy something for a six year old and an 8 year old and then to tell them when they can use it  

How do you lot all feel about your six year olds on a console - gen q not being snippy

Generally I’m fine with it if rationed so that’s why we’ll call it mine so we can make sure it does not become life 

ZG, infinitely better use of their computer time than the shite they like watching on YouTube. Everything in moderation etc etc.

Assume the House Boss does not permit any other games consoles.

I'm sorry, what?

Your wife forbids you from getting a games console? WTF?

6 is fine. Mario Kart the best starter game. Minecraft from 7 ish but beware of them talking about it constantly while you wonder what the difference is between a mod and a mob.

Nintendo sends a monthly email with a dashboard telling me when and what was played. 

Had one for a couple of years and 8 and 12 year old still love it. They are obsessed with Animal Crossing and Minecraft, also Just Dance and Mario kart.

Games called one Mario Odyssey and Overcooked I’m told are both kid and adult friendly

would also much rather they are playing games rather than watching shite on Netflix etc

Just brought out the Wii for a party last week.  Much better device.

Gave one to ours when he just turned 6. Mario Kart, Donkey Kong are great. Rayman Legends is fantastic. Pokemon and Animal Crossing bit too much reading still. Deffo get Rayman Legends though. 

I don't know about 6 year olds but I have one with mariokart and animal crossing and it was fun during lock down Christmas on my tod, but I don't seem to use it much now...

Oh yes, he likes just dance too - I’d forgotten about that one. 

ZG, he would play it all day if he could, including getting on it without asking and raging if it gets taken off him. So I’m not crazy about it for that reason. It stays in a cupboard in my room most of the time but comes out occasionally (say every second weekend for a treat) but is the go to for long car trips or if I need to drag him to a long appointment etc. 

The best technology he has is his google speaker. It only cost $40 and he listens to it all the time. music mostly but also for stories and jokes plus it’s connected to his light switch so he can turn off his light at night without getting out of bed. 

Ps there is also a parental control ap which you can use to monitor how long they’ve been on it, install Time limits etc. 

If you plan on having the odd go on it, consider Super Smash Bros Ultimate which I am absolutely addicted to at the moment.

Super Mario Party is good for family games too - basically a board game with lots of amusing mini games and shiz.

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