Pringles Cause Relationship Problem

FAOD I have nothing against this thread at all and thoroughly enjoyed the link. However, it has not provoked any discussion at all.

How on Earth is it top of the featured discussions list? Rof Towers? Are you using bots to randomly select stuff or just messing with my head?

I sympathise with the boyfriend (well, both of them). This has become a genuine obsession for him. Things will never go back to the way they are. No chance of this relationship surviving. On the plus side, once they break up, he will be released from saying it.

I saw that a few days ago. Still makes me smile. That special feeling, when you know you are being annoying as fvck but you don’t care because you are really amusing yourself. 

First thing that sprung to mind is that they've simply run out of anythign interesting to say to each other. Hence "Pwingys for the room?"


We've all been there haven't we?

Lol - this is really just code for she now finds her boyfriend annoying as fvck and wants to split up.

I related this to the wife. Kids were within earshot. I've been asked about pwingys (For the rooooom) about 950 times in 24hrs. 

So much heh 4 jelly. I cannot imagine what it would be like if my kids got somehow got hold of this nuclear weapon.

One of the things I like about the original text is the comma, how are your children interpreting this? Do they go with a long pause or just run it together? Every time you ask them to do something do they just respond "do you want some pwingys, for the room?". Need to hear more.

They know about the comma. They're turning into a mix of 1/2 a beat to dramatic 3 second ellipsis. 


We've been in the spa this morning. A lot of do you want some pwingys... for the pooool? 

So I left to hide in the steam room. Then the door opened a crack. do you want some pwingys, for the stweam woooom?