Signs that your date is seriously rich/VIP

1. Their 'driver' waits a separate table and wears very solid shoes. 

2. You cannot find them or their family on the internet. 

3. They have a layered security system with guards & dogs around their house. 

The maitre'd greets them like a long lost friend, escorts them to their regular table, mentions that they are sadly.out of the '59 but trusts that a '60 will suffice, and that they will bring the oysters and caviar over momentarily.

You have to go and pick them up from home to take them on the date instead of meeting them somewhere mutually convenient.

I dated a girl who had as a child more than one nanny and a diver that took her to and from school every day if that counts.  She was lovely and very normal, and always paid more than her share

Warren, she used to swim to school?


Sounds like a keeper

She was, unfortunately there was a significant age gap and her family, who she was very close too, were horrified.  Frankly, she deserved someone who was going to be a better fit with not just her but all aspects of her life. 

4. She complains about her crazy mother, the renovation costs of the castle in France and tells you that she does fly commercial with kids.


Piechucker, I am not in South Africa.  

She never lets on about her occupation or source of wealth until at least the third date. She didn't go to the local comprehensive in Peckham.