Watch Snobs - Doxa

Saw a Doxa Sub 200 Shark Hunter - Liked the look of it. Would this make me out as a struggla?

Who gives a shit, if you like it buy it. Anyone who judges you for what watch you wear is most likely an insecure whopper with a micropenis anyway

au contraire.  It would mark you out as someone with exquisite taste.

Especially the 130th anniversary edition.  Which comes - wait for it - with a bonus splash of orange.  That should be enough to soften the even the hardest roffers' hearts.

If you like it buy it. 

Check out the Baltic Aquascaphe GMT if you like the Doxa, similar watch but smaller and better colour scheme ime

Might be mistaken for a knockoff of a Fifty Fathoms if you're a blind man lacking a sense of touch.

Either way, if it's a knockoff they've been doing it in some form for 60 years and Blancpain still hasn't sued. 

The seiko divers watches look better than that imho and start at a third of the price (but going up above and beyond it if you want to). They won’t be appreciably “worse”

It's an attractive watch. Others I might suggest are the Seiko Sport 5 GMT that is about to be released and getting great reviews. Two mates of mine who are Rolex collectors really want one. Another to look at is something from the Swatch x Omega Reach for the Planets range when they release the next batch.

Both are great looking and collectable watches that are less than the Doxa.

The high end watch market is fooked and prices are falling massively. All these flippers and grey market dealers selling AP, PP, Rolexes , Vacheron at 100-500 percent mark up. Now people are realising better to wait your turn with an AD . These flippers are dumping stock like it’s no tomorrow. It’s over for these chancers . Hopefully watches will now be bought by watch collectors and not “investors “ who got greedy .


Flippers who bought above MRSP will get burned but there’ll always be a market for getting watches with long waiting lists right now. 

What I think will completely collapse is the second hand market in widely available models like Black Bays and Seamasters. I got a Black Bay 58 from an AD a few months back for 300 less than retail, but also 200 less than the second hand dealer on the same street was selling the 6 versions it had of that watch. 

It’s widely rumoured Rolex are doing pre owned . I hope so , it will kill the greedy flippers immediately.

There will be as you say a market for rare watches , but the market for mass produced watches was mad . No date sub , full set, unworn going for 20k plus . There are loads of these and sea dwellers, everyone is dumping them .