When you go to the chippy...
Shatner's bassoon 13 Jan 22 18:34
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And get a breadcake, what do you put on it - fish, chips or both, and do you regard anyone who does differently as a proper wrong un? 

Me - only ever chips and yes, the fish sandwich is a sign of madness. 

Pray Mr Tulkinghorn,  what is a feckin ‘breadcake’?

Is it a delicacy from our northern oiks?

Chips, natch. I wouldn't have a problem with people putting fish in as many do. Or both.

Big cod, chips, battered roe. Salted. Use my own vinegar at home. Chip shop vinegar is not vinegar.

A breadcake sounds deviant

Cod and chips and a bag of scraps. Lots of salt and vinegar. Gravy is for Lancastrians.

Aaaaaaah the chip shop!! the one thing i certainly miss when not in the uk,

Just the chips. I can accept the idea of a fish sandwich (and, obviously a fish finger sandwich is a thing of beauty) but not as part of a fish supper. 

Not seen scraps for years

What are these scraps you talk of? Any fule knows they are bits.

haddock, chips and peas. salt and vinegar. preferably from 149, the only good thing about Bridlington 

yeah, what is a breadcake?

tbf I don't think I have been in a chippy for 30 years

When I go to a chippy I dont get friggin “breadcake” I dont even know what it is - haddock, chips, mushy peas, and white buttered bread for chip butties.  If feeling flush, battered sausage on side.

In this country when you get fish and chips I would say 99% of the time the chips are from a frozen bag. It's very disappointing. Also there's no cod or haddock. The default fish is flake, which is a small shark. Alternatively sometimes they have blue grenadier, which can be almost as good as a small cod if you get a very fine example. The whole thing is unsatisfactory. 

That said, it's very consistent. In the UK you either get excellent fish and chips or terrible fish and chips whereas here it is almost always ok. 

London has some terrible chippies but outside mostly ok these days, key is NEVER go to a chippy that doesn’t cook to order

Definitely scraps not bits, might go to the Wetherby Whaler tomorrow now

A breadcake is what you southern weirdos probably call a roll or whatever. But it's a breadcake (teacake is also acceptable) 

Wetherby Whaler is good tbf, prefer murgatroyds if pushed

Apart from the one that used to be at the Black Country museum (chips done in beef dripping) the best fish and chips is always by the sea. No contest 

Haddock mushy peas chips, no vinegar, loads of tartare 

London does have good fish and chips but you have to be pay through the nose for some posh place that is no better than a standard chippy by the coast.

I've only found one good chipshop in London and it's stuck out in the suburbs.

Apart from that, the one is Strutton Ground is ok on a good day.

Many are actively terrible, especially those which sell some bottom-feeding shit like tilapia claiming it's cod.



Mr Bassoon - A teacake is a sweet bun, containing dried fruit, that is usually toasted, and then has lashings of butter applied thereto.

Any suggestion that it is in fact a bread roll is very much mistaken.

Ooh, I could just go a massive teacake. Only got plum bread in, tho, so that'll have to do. 

Fryers Delight, Theobalds Road. If it’s good enough for Marina O doodah it’s good enough.

Seconding tea cakes. lush 

Mr Hall - the item you describe is a currant teacake, which is different to a standard teacake

Shatner, you seem to be living in some sort of parallel universe, breadcake?  Tea cake with fish and chips?   Are you forrin?

James Bond determined that guy was a wrong un because he ordered red wine with fish. Just saying. Also wtaf is a bread cake!

I am massively jealous of anyone who can just pop to the Wetherby Whaler tomorrow. I might have to make the 7 hour round trip soon. 

Tea cake with fish and chips?   Are you forrin?

If you are from a certain bit of God’s Own County a teacake is just a large roll. No fruit involved. 

“Yorkshire is foreign country. They do things differently there.”


At the chippy

We say yippee

And the  pies will never make you gippy

And you won't regurgitate

Really great

Yorkshire portions are too small. I don’t understand why they are so proud of how big they are.

Always get scraps when in Yorkshire but the portions are much bigger down here on the south coast.

Fryers Delight, Theobalds Road. If it’s good enough for Marina O doodah it’s good enough.

That place is very much in the list of crap London chipshops, in fact at the top of it.

Easting fish and chips anywhere that isn't east london is generally a disappointing experience tbh.  I like a bag of chips by the sea (maybe with a sausage in batter) but easting chip shop fish outdoors/out of the bag is a bit of a faff. 

Fryers Delight is great.

See also North Sea Fish a couple of blocks further north, just off Cartwright Gardens.

Going to the chippy at lunchtime. 

I'm having a chippy tea. 

This thread has produced the worst food craving in me since KFC advertised them gravy burgers. 

Sea Shell in Lisson Grove and Golden Hind in Marylebone (though latter more an eat in place) are fairly good (speaking as an original Northerner who generally thinks chippies in London aren't very good).  The one in Strutton Ground is I agree fairly good.

Fryer's delight used to be good, not any more.

Definitely Haddock not Cod.  Never heard of breadcakes I must admit either

Yorkshireman goes to the vet, he says his cat’s poorly.  The vet says, “Is it a tom?”  He says, “No, I’ve brought it wi me”


You’re welcome.

Breadcake is a strange phrase.  Presumably the OP was mistaken, and was referring to a barm?

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