Why do people go in-house?
  • Earn less than PP - assuming you're in a halfway decent firm
  • B1tch paper boy in the back office to the big swinging d1cks in the front
  • "Work/life balance" - just go to Simmons, you'd earn more and save a little bit of face
  • Toe curlingly tedious work

Follow on to this: why do people remain in the UK? Do you not understand that Dubai exists?

  • There are c.16k Emirates cabin crew in Dubai - hot women looking for a rich man
  • That's just Emirates
  • Property cheaper and better quality
  • Taxis virtually free
  • Cars cheaper - gas virtually free
  • Better weather 8 months of the year
  • Tax-free
  • Earn way more money
  • Better shopping
  • Pop over to Oman, Sri Lanka, Mumbai on a long weekend, Thailand is 6 hours away as is London.

Biggie I think you have done this a hundred times. People are quite capable of making their own choices , and often money will be far from being front and centre of their choices to go in house . But you knew that right?

I’ve always rather taken the view that things which are worthwhile very much sell themselves.

Things that need to be pushed quite so hard are almost always of questionable value.

"There are c.16k Emirates cabin crew in Dubai - hot women looking for a rich man"

Stop loitering around Crown Plaza and Emirates Towers, while popping in the McDs on the SZR, in between the sessions with the EK and other airlines staff. It's still prostitution, in case one of them told you that she loves you for the 10K dirham you spaffed for the 10 mins session. 

I am speaking to people about making the move however I will be if I do end up going I will be implicitly admitting:

(a) that I don't believe in or care about anything apart from money; and

(b) I will never meet someone worth settling down with 


Re (b), maybe there is a god and in this case the ways in which she moves are somewhat unmysterious

I went in-house because they offered more money than private practice, the work was less hard and the hours were lower.


All my in-house jobs have paid more than I would have earned in private practice.


Hope that helps.

Legal Alien I thought that 1 and 2 were your world view?

Biggie not everyone can do property litigation successfully like you in dubai.

You kinda act like nobody knows the real reason guys like you like Dubai

Pop over to Oman, Sri Lanka, Mumbai


Paradise on earth.  

Yes, come to the dark side Legal Alien.

Re Oman, Sri Lanka, Bombay, go to google images to see how wrong you are.

[email protected] cards photo being removed

I have nothing to sell. Only through our participation in Dubai may we allow the ME to Westernise and achieve world peace. 

For example, they got rid of the law saying you can't take a girl back home for a chitty chitty bang bang; cohabitation amongst the unmarried now permitted, divorce coming in, women's rights getting massively expanded, and alcohol is getting a more human approach.

 You guys are the real misogynists you see - my existence in Dubai, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.

1 - law firms are chock full of khvnts 

2 - if you don't want to be a partner in a law firm, being on the treadmill is stupid 

3 - i don't need to earn more than I do, and I do just fine

4 - i have enough time to spend time with my family and exercise

5 - i work for a company that saves and changes lives, which not many law firms do

With so many attractions to fill one's time in Dubai, I am curious why such a playa would choose to post incessantly on here.  

Earn more in house, don't fancy Dubai, all my family and friends are in the UK. 

I suppose it depends on what sector you are in house at. Fortunately for me, I'm in house and in Dubai.

- No time recording, none of that carpe diem crap.

- Tax free.

- Very good health insurance (depends on employer), means I can see a Dr the same day, usually the same hour.

- actually respected in-house. 

I had a colleague once who pronounced it ‘carp dime’.

Put me off

As you were. 

Not again.

Earn more inhouse than would as partner. Much more interesting work. Not treated like a menial worker.

Well done Jezebel - another champion in the house

IH in Dubai is not like IH in UK 

wilfred - I said halfway decent firm

As you were.

Biggie, I like your comments: they constantly amuse me. There's a risk that you harp on the same topic, but it's worth it (and you're nowhere near as bad as Rhainamousa and her whinging about Covid...). 

Re. your substantive question though, I know lots of people in-house. Almost invariably, they made the move because they (1) wanted an exponentially better work-life balance; and (2) wanted to protect their time to see their family. Indeed, one senior lawyers I knew actually said as the opening words of her profile on the company intranet: "My family comes first.". Which seems fair: I look at the partners in my firm, and I do wonder why many of their bothered having children. If you're going to work the hours they do (and have done for a decade+), to my mind it would have made more sense to have remained child-free.

I also like and respect Legal Alien's self-aware comment, above:

I am speaking to people about making the move however I will be if I do end up going I will be implicitly admitting:

(a) that I don't believe in or care about anything apart from money; and

(b) I will never meet someone worth settling down with.

I may be in the same boat. Thanks for pithily articulating the reality!

People frequently suggest that Dubai is ideal for single men, because of the array of escorts working there. Forgive me for being blunt, but surely one of the major disadvantages of using escorts is STIs?

Perhaps I'm just taking a dinosaur non-sex-worker-positive view of the world, or whatever the term is (I think it might be SWERF, actually), but Herpes doesn't really appeal. Call me a bluff old traditionalist, if you must.

People don’t mention it these days but it used to be on everyone’s lips. 

Biggie could you do a new character? This one's a bit stale as others have pointed out. Maybe a lovely old dear or susie92 type thing? Presumably the same person tbh.

I trained and stayed in-house because private practice wouldn't have me.

Because it’s more fun and you get to work with actual human beings.


When I moved IH I expected to work longer hours (I was moving from a mid-size PP firm to a MNC). Been pleasantly surprised that my IH hours are less than my PP hours

Main factors for my move were (in no particular order):

- variety and type of work that the IH role would offer

- $$$ (incl stock)

- Opportunities to broaden my skill-set/experience (possibly even a move out of law)

- Opportunities to move to other countries


It was never something that weighed heavily in my decision but I love not having to record time. And I don't miss the BD side of things.  I wasn't bad at it but it wasn't natural for me and I worked hard to be adequate at it.

Isn’t one of the single biggest draws to in-house the potential to get juicy juicy stock options. 

I know some people who went into private tech companies that either IPO’d or had a huge trade sale/takeover. 

these people made sinful amounts. 

Never the Mid E/Gulf. I loathe theist regimes.

In-house: more humane hours. 

Have done in-house in the Public Sector.

For PLCs there is the chance to learn real business skills and work with a team with varied skills to achieve objectives. Developing more useful skills for the CV that PLCs/corporations are looking for.

Share options. Bonuses. One would be caporegime or consiglieri rather than a soldado than doing billable hours. No more private of professional clients demanding your free time. 

Salaried rather than the uncertainty of self-employment. No need to go to court in a s***** town and getting up at dawn to get there by two or three trains.


You can't judge people based on their religion, the colour of their skin etc. Dubai is not a religious place - and the rules are generally more off the wall lax than the West. It's just myth and misconception.

the public sector is a joke. Companies pick people with the best firm names on their CV. No one ever had a mark on their CV going to Latham


I'm not being judgemental about religion. Not on RoF feeds, anyway. It's not my 'thing' by choice and world view. 

Regards, SJ

"Isn’t one of the single biggest draws to in-house the potential to get juicy juicy stock options. "

Bit of a punt though isn't it. Might as well grab a bunch of penny stocks or crypto. You may get lucky. Or not. 


Agree about penny stocks and crypto.. Lots of innovation in UK, despite Brexsh*t. In my case (small investor), satoshi, not whole BTC. And for (nominee) stocks, dealing charges are almost as much as the price paid when totting up the consideration. But early days; wait ten years and hey-ho, I won't be rich but can heat and eat.

If you do not intend to make partner (and you have to love the life-style for that) at the mid tier associate level at a tier 1 investment bank you make more money than in the Magic Circle. 

The MC is the carrot in the distance, but if you know you dont want that long term, you make more money for less effort elsewhere.