Why do you frequent this place?

Yes THIS place. 

Im asking myself the same question and will let you know if I come up with the answer. 

it’s amusing, occasionally informative, useful sometimes, and it reassures me that there are folk it there weirder and more fvcked up than me. 
terrible thief of time though 

I have some sympathy with you there VC. Particularly this evening. 

habit mainly

it’s pretty shit compared to how it used to be

i’ve actually thought about this a lot this year

rof is a pretty unique place message-board wise (i’ve frequented a few)

it’s filled with opinionated, argumentative people who will defend the sky is green for two days on the trot (and usually get called out on it hilariously)

so you need to have a hard skin

but there’s a lot of very witty, very funny posters

and every now and again when someone posts something serious (about eg mental health or divorce or whatever) there’s a weird sense of community that descends and everyone starts bringing the love and it’s genuinely touching

as i say i used to be on a lot of boards, and of course i get a ton of stick on here - often rightfully

but tbh over lockdown, when things were low, you guys have given me a little community, and i have no doubt if eg i had something terrible happen (a parent die or a cancer diagnosis or something awful) enough of you would gang around with gallows humour and norks - even the ones i argue with the most

and tbh that’s pretty cool, particularly given the two years we’ve all had

(plus every couple of months there’s wild drama and that’s always fun)

I’m a newbie feelingchill though have also frequented a few other boards. 

I agree it provides an interesting mix without plumbing the depths. 

Decent repartee; the value of an informed sounding board For some that anonymity provides and respectful contributions towards those who need a pick me up.  

I’ve seen some bad taste and hopefully provided through occasional Marcel but nothing spiteful; politically diverse without being as crass as a phone in show and not much shop talk.  





oh welcome prodigal son

are you a risky sock puppet?

(sorry if you’re not - there’s just so many and it’s hard to keep track)

(welcome whether you are or not though)

I might be if I knew what a risky sock puppet was. I led a very sheltered life although I do sometimes wear novelty socks. 

although I do sometimes wear novelty socks. 

*paging 3 ducks to the thread*

no worries prodigal you’ll fit in fine

I came for tecco, but stay for risky.

It's just a place to hangout really 

I’m beginning to think the wine I opened earlier and poured myself in the absence of company may have been spiked. Either that or I’m falling down a rabbit hole with Sooty and Sweep. 

What Bullace said - and when, as happens quite often, the rubbishness of my situation gets to me, ROF is very kind and encourages me to KBO.

Sometimes I come here to troll anti-vaccers.

Most of the time I come to hear people's opinions on stuff and understand them.

Other times I genuinely LOL.


Rof was like methadone in the early days of my break up I used it to stop myself going on whatsapp or looking at photos. It is still weirdly comforting. I never thought I would be the type of person to use an anonymous board but… the community here is rather sweet actually

I really like the weekend plans threads. And the career threads! And the familiar names even tho I don’t post that much. Looking forward to book club. And the ski trip tips thread from last week! Just hoping the flight restrictions aren’t reintroduced… 

because it’s full of absolute dickheads

Habit. I know lots of people here. I’ve been here for 12 years…sometimes it’s hilarious and warm and a lovely place. 


Was researching whether masks work and it led me here

It’s good for beta testing avant garde socio-political views.  My other outlet for that is my wife but she just rolls her eyes and says ’yes dear’.

It's a virtual neighborhood pub. Some people genuinely want to talk about their problems, get some advice; some are here to be the dazzling social creatures, cracking jokes and whatnot; yet others are performance artists trying on a persona. I suspect that most of us do all of the above at various times. It was good social support during lockdown days.

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